The Age of Johnson

A Scholarly Annual

Edited by Jack Lynch
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“The prose [in Age of Johnson] aims for uncluttered elegance (no jargon, nothing congested or obscure); the erudition can be awesome. Produced in a large format hardback with wide margins, The Age of Johnson is a magisterial affair from AMS Press. . . . It has become, deservedly, the leading journal for Johnsonian studies. . . . For anyone with even a moderate interest in Johnson and his times there is absorbing matter here.”

—Norma Clarke, Times Literary Supplement

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Volume 20

September 2010
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David Simpson, “Rasselas by the Ilissus”
Andrew McKendry, “The Haphazard Journey of a Mind: Experience and Reflection in Samuel Johnson’s Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland”
Katherine Kickel, “‘Occasional’ Observance and the Quiet Mind: Meditative Theory and Practice in Samuel Johnson’s Prayers and Meditations (1785)”
Sheila O’Connell, “One of the Hungry Mob of Scriblers and Etchers: Johnson’s Pension in Visual Satire”
Paul Ruxin, “Dorando and the Douglas Cause”
Stephen Clarke, “Boswell and Mason, Johnson and Gray: An Encounter”
James J. Caudle, “Editing James Boswell, 1924–2010: Pasts, Presents, Futures”
Lyle Larsen, “Dr. Johnson’s Friend, the Worthy Bennet Langton”
Holly Luhning, “Disability and the Disenfranchised in Eliza Haywood’s Rash Resolve”
Lorna Clark, “Epistolarity in Frances Burney”
Daniel P. Watkins, “History and Vision in Ann Yearsley’s Rural Lyre”

Review Essay

Jack Lynch, “Nothing Odd Will Do Long: Tristram Shandy after 250 Years”

Book Reviews

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Volume 19

May 2009
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Earl A. Reitan, “Samuel Johnson, the Gentleman’s Magazine, and the War of Jenkins’ Ear”
H. J. Jackson, “A General Theory of Fame in the Lives of the Poets”
Anthony W. Lee, “An Intertextual Node: Johnson’s Life of Dryden, Rambler 31, and A Letter from a Gentleman to the Honourable Ed. Howard Esq.”
Julie Crane, “Johnson and the Art of Interruption”
Robin Dix, “Fugitive References to Johnson in Eighteenth-Century Manuscripts”
Robert G. Walker, “Boswell’s Use of ‘Ogden on Prayer’ in Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides”
Michael F. Suarez, S.J., “Secular Lessons: Biblical Satire, Parody, Imitation, and Emulation in Eighteenth-Century Chronicles of British Politics”
David Fairer, “‘Fishes in His Water’: Shenstone, Sensibility, and the Ethics of Looking”
William Gibson, “Smollett, Goldsmith, Nash, and Tobit’s Dog: The Biography of a Joke”
Emily Bowles-Smith, “Perfect Patterns of Conjugal Love and Duty: George Ballard’s Domestic Ideologies in His Lives of Elizabeth Egerton and Margaret Cavendish”
Brijraj Singh, “Revisiting Purley: John Horne Tooke’s Logocentrism”
Rebecca Hussey, “The Sentimental Traveler: Emotion, Movement, and Economy in Sarah Fielding’s Adventures of David Simple and Volume the Last”
Eve Tavor Bannet, “Immigrant Fictions: Mathew Carey, Susanna Rowson, and Charlotte Temple in Philadelphia”

Review Essays

Robert Folkenflik, “‘Little Lives, and Little Prefaces’”? Lonsdale’s Edition of Johnson’s Lives of the Poets
Nora Nachumi, “Living Large: The Women in Women’s Theatrical Memoirs”

Book Reviews


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