Age of Johnson: A Scholarly Annual

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Volume 1 (1987), ISBN 0-404-62751-x

Barbara Maria Stafford,“‘Illiterate Monuments’: The Ruin as Dialect or Broken Classic”
Lawrence Lipking, “What Was It Like To Be Johnson?”
Isobel Grundy, “Samuel Johnson as Patron of Women”
Catherine N. Parke, “Rasselas and the Conversation of History”
Morris R. Brownell, “Johnson and Mauritius Lowe”
Margaret Anne Doody, “The Law, the Page, and the Body of Woman: Murder and Murderesses in the Age of Johnson”
Irma S. Lustig, “Facts and Deductions: The Curious History of Reynolds’s First Portrait of Johnson, 1756”
Kevin L. Cope, “Rational Hope, Rational Benevolence, and Ethical Accounting: Johnson and Swift on the Economy of Happiness”
James Cruise, “Reinvesting the Novel: Tristram Shandy and Authority”
Morris Golden, “Periodical Context in the Imagined World of Tristram Shandy
Vincent Carretta, “The Royal Dupe: George III and the Satirists on the Eve of the American Revolution”
Felicity A. Nussbaum, “Private Subjects in William Cowper’s ‘Memoir’”
Patricia Craddock, “‘Immortal Affectation’: Responses to Gibbon’s Style”
Lennard J. Davis, “Conversation and Dialogue”
Judith Phillips Stanton, “Charlotte Smith’s ‘Literary Business’: Income, Patronage, and Indigence”
Annette Wheeler Cafarelli, “Johnson’s Lives of the Poets and the Romantic Canon”


Paul Alkon, Isobel Grundy, Samuel Johnson and the Scale of Greatness
John A. Vance, Frank Brady, James Boswell: The Later Years
O M Brack, Samuel Johnson Bicentenary Exhibitions and Catalogues
Jerry C. Beasley, Leopold Damrosch, Jr., God’s Plot and Man’s Stories: Studies in the Fictional Imagination from Milton to Fielding

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Volume 2 (1989), 0-404-62752-8

James Grantham Turner, “‘Illustrious Depravity’ and the Erotic Sublime”
Lennard J. Davis, “‘Upon Mouldering Stone’: Swift’s Politics of Language”
Antonia Forster, “Mr. Pope’s Maxims”
James Gray, “Johnson, Cromwell, and the Jacobite Cause”
Isobel Grundy, “Swift and Johnson”
Gloria Sybil Gross, “‘A Child is Being Beaten’: Suggestions toward a Psychoanalytic Reading of Johnson”
Chella C. Livingston, “Johnson and the Independent Woman: A Reading of Irene
Philip Mahone Griffith, “Samuel Johnson and King Charles the Martyr: Veneration in the Dictionary
Edward Tomarken, “Perspectivism: The Methodological Implications of ‘The History of Imlac’ in Rasselas
John J. Burke, Jr., “When the Falklands First Demanded an Historian: Johnson, Junius, and the Making of History in 1771”
Martin Maner, “Johnson’s Redaction of Hawkesworth’s Swift
Jeffrey Plank, “Reading Johnson’s Lives: The Forms of Late Eighteenth-Century Literary History”
Betty Rizzo, “The English Author-Bookseller Dialogue”
William McCarthy, “A Verse ‘Essay on Man’ by H. L. Piozzi”
G. S. Rousseau, “Revisionist Polemics: J. C. D. Clark and the Collapse of Modernity in the Age of Johnson”


Joseph Wittreich, Dustin Griffin, Regaining Paradise: Milton and the Eighteenth Century
Michael Shinagel, Paula R. Backscheider, Daniel Defoe: Ambition and Innovation
Warren Chernaik, Robert B. Maccubbin, ed., Unauthorized Sexual Behavior During the Enlightenment
James Cruise, Michael McKeon, The Origins of the English Novel, 1600–1740
Thomas M. Curley, Thomas Kaminski, The Early Career of Samuel Johnson
Percy G. Adams, Joel J. Gold, ed., A Voyage to Abyssinia
John A. Vance, Isobel Grundy, ed., Samuel Johnson: New Critical Essays
John L. Abbott, Thomas M. Curley, ed., Robert Chambers, A Course of Lectures on the English Law, 1767–1773
Kevin L. Cope, Jerome Christensen, Hume and the Formation of a Literary Career
Ira Konigsberg, Lennard J. Davis, Resisting the Novel: Ideology and the Novel

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Volume 3 (1990), 0-404-62753-6

Donald Greene, “The Logia of Samuel Johnson and the Quest for the Historical Johnson”
Steven Lynn, “Locke’s Eye, Adam’s Tongue, Johnson’s Word: Language, Marriage, and ‘The Choice of Life’”
James G. Basker, “Dancing Dogs, Women Preachers and the Myth of Johnson’s Misogyny”
Richard Braverman, “The Narrative Architecture of Rasselas
Greg Clingham, “Johnson, Homeric Scholarship, and ‘The Passes of the Mind’”
David F. Venturo, “Adjusting the Accents: Samuel Johnson’s Prosody in Theory and Practice”
Shirley White Johnston, “Samuel Johnson’s Macbeth: ‘Fair is Foul’”
Mona Scheuermann, “Henry Fielding’s Images of Women”
Anne Himmelfarb, “Argument as lmitation: The Prose Dialogue”
Mary Waldron, “Ann Yearsley and the Clifton Records”
Peter Martin, “Edmond Malone, Sir Joshua Reynolds, and Dr. Johnson’s Monument in St. Paul’s Cathedral”
Howard D. Weinbrot, “The New Eighteenth Century and The New Mythology”


Lennard J. Davis, Paul K. Alkon, Origins of Futuristic Fiction
Peter M. Briggs, Leon Guilhamet, Satire and the Transformation of Genre
James Cruise, Elizabeth R. Napier, The Failure of Gothic: Problems of Disjunction in an Eighteenth-Century Literary Form
William H. Epstein, Reed Whittemore, Pure Lives: The Early Biographers
Leon Guilhamet, Howard D. Weinbrot, Eighteenth-Century Satire: Essays on Text and Context from Dryden to Peter Pindar
James A. Winn, Leopold Damrosch, Jr., The Imaginative World of Alexander Pope
Michael Shinagel, Samuel C. Coleman and Michael J. Preston, A KWIC Concordance to John Cleland’s “Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure”; John Cleland, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure; John Cleland, Fanny Hill or Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
David Vander Meulen, Samuel Johnson, A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
Philip Mahone Griffith, Robert DeMaria, Jr., Johnson’s Dictionary and the Language of Learning
Isobel Grundy, Alvin Kernan, Printing Technology, Letters & Samuel Johnson
James Gray, Nicholas Hudson, Samuel Johnson and Eighteenth-Century Thought
Catherine N. Parke, Mark J. Temmer, Samuel Johnson and Three Infidels: Rousseau, Voltaire, Diderot
Patricia Craddock, J. W. Burrow, Gibbon; Jaroslav Pelikan, The Excellent Empire: The Fall of Rome and the Triumph of the Church; W. B. Carnochan, Gibbon’s Solitude: The Inward World of the Historian
Gloria Sybil Gross, Margaret Anne Doody, Frances Burney: The Life in the Works; Julia Epstein, The Iron Pen: Frances Burney and the Politics of Women’s Writing


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Volume 4 (1991), 0-404-62754-4

Donald Greene, “‘A Secret Far Dearer to Him than His Life’: Johnson’s ‘Vile Melancholy’ Reconsidered”
David R. Anderson, “Johnson and the Problem of Religious Verse”
Karen O’Brien, “Johnson’s View of the Scottish Enlightenment in A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland
Greg Clingham, “Johnson’s Prayers and Meditations and the ‘Stolen Diary Problem’: Reflections on a Biographical Quiddity”
Michael D. Friedman, “‘He Was Just a Macheath’: Boswell and The Beggar’s Opera
J. T. Scanlan, “The Example of Edmond Malone: Boswell’s Life of Johnson and Patterns of Scholarly and Legal Prose”
Claudia Thomas, “‘Th’ Instructive Moral, and Important Thought’: Elizabeth Carter Reads Pope, Johnson, and Epictetus”
Rita Goldberg, “Charity Sermons and the Poor: A Rhetoric of Compassion”
Margaret A. Doody, “Work and Working People in Fielding’s Novels”
Peter M. Briggs, “Laurence Sterne and Literary Celebrity in 1760”
John Glendening, “Young Fanny Burney and the Mentor”
Betty Rizzo, “Molly Leapor: An Anxiety for Influence”
Robert W. Uphaus, “Vicesimus Knox and the Canon of Eighteenth-Century Literature”


Judith Phillips Stanton, Susan Staves, Married Women’s Property Rights in England, 1660–1833
Steven Shankman, G. S. Rousseau and Pat Rogers, eds., The Enduring Legacy: Alexander Pope Tercentenary Essays
Paula R. Backscheider, Brian W. Hill, Robert Harley: Speaker, Secretary of State, and Premier Minister
Karen O’Brien, Alan T. McKenzie, Certain Lively Episodes: The Articulations of Passion in Eighteenth-Century Prose
Michael Shinagel, Paula R. Backscheider, Daniel Defoe: His Life
Betty Rizzo, James E. Teirney, ed., The Correspondence of Robert Dodsley, 1733–1764
Carey McIntosh, Morris R. Brownell, Samuel Johnson’s Attitude to the Arts
Shirley White Johnston, G. F. Parker, Johnson’s Shakespeare
Stephen Fix, Martin Maner, The Philosophical Biographer: Doubt and Dialectic in Johnson’s “Lives of the Poets”
Paul J. Korshin, Allen Reddick, The Making of Johnson’s Dictionary, 1746–1773
Allen Reddick, Edward Tomarken, Johnson, “Rasselas,” and the Choice of Criticism
James G. Basker, Daisuke Nagashima, Johnson the Philologist
Thomas E. Kinsella, James Boswell, The Research Edition of the Correspondence, Vol. 4: David Garrick, Edmund Burke, and Edmond Malone, ed. Peter S. Baker et al.
James Gray, Richard Wendorf, The Elements of Life: Biography and Portrait-Painting in Stuart and Georgian England
Morris R. Brownell, Vincent Carretta, George III and the Satirists from Hogarth to Byron
Peter Martin, Bertram H. Davis, Thomas Percy: A Scholar-Cleric in the Age of Johnson
John Abbott, Clarence Tracy, A Portrait of Richard Graves
William McCarthy, Felicity Nussbaum, The Autobiographical Subject: Gender and Ideology in Eighteenth-Century England
Arthur H. Cash, Tobias Smollett, The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom
Gae Holladay, Ann Messenger, His and Hers: Essays in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature; Kristina Straub, Divided Fictions: Fanny Burney and Feminine Strategy


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Volume 5 (1992), 0-404-62755-2

Dustin Griffin, “Johnson’s Lives of the Poets and the Patronage System”
Philip Edward Baruth, “Recognizing the Author-Function: Alternatives to Greene’s Black-and-Red Book of Johnson Logia
Annette Wheeler Cafarelli, “Johnson and Women: Demasculinizing Literary History”
Toni O’Shaughnessy Bowers, “Critical Complicities: Savage Mothers, Johnson’s Mother, and the Containment of Maternal Difference”
Gay W. Hughes, “Tetty and Samuel Johnson: The Romance and the Reality”
Roy W. Menninger, M.D., “Johnson’s Psychic Turmoil and the Women in His Life”
John B. Radner, “Boswell’s and Johnson’s Sexual Rivalry”
Harry M. Solomon, “Johnson’s Silencing of Pope: Trivializing An Essay on Man
Pat Rogers, “The Noblest Savage of Them All: Johnson, Omai, and Other Primitives”
Vincent Carretta, “Utopia Limited: Sarah Scott’s Millenium Hall and The History of George Ellison
Bertram H. Davis, “Sir John Hawkins and Thomas Percy: An Experience of Biography”
Michael F. Suarez, S.J., “Bibles, Libels, and Bute: The Development of Mock-Biblical Satire in the Eighteenth-Century Political Print”
Mona Scheuermann, “Woman’s Place: Finding and Evaluating Women’s Contributions to Literature in English”


Carey McIntosh, Bruce Redford, ed., The Letters of Samuel Johnson, vols. 1–3
Thomas M. Curley, Samuel Johnson, Rasselas and Other Tales, ed. Gwin J. Kolb
Gloria Gross, John Wiltshire, Samuel Johnson in the Medical World: The Doctor and the Patient
Isobel Grundy, Philip Davis, In Mind of Johnson: A Study of Johnson the Rambler; Catherine N. Parke, Samuel Johnson and Biographical Thinking
Irma S. Lustig, Greg Clingham, ed., New Light on Boswell
Thomas E. Kinsella, Greg Clingham, James Boswell: The Life of Johnson
Jeffrey Plank,, Annette Wheeler Cafarelli, Prose in the Age of Poets: Romanticism and Biographical Narrative from Johnson to De Quincey
Richard Braverman, Lincoln Faller, Turned to Account
Karen O’Brien, Joseph M. Levine, The Battle of the Books: History and Literature in the Augustan Age
Richard W. F. Kroll, The Material Word: Literate Culture in the Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century
Gerard C. Reedy, S.J., J. Paul Hunter, Before Novels: The Cultural Contexts of Eighteenth-Century English Fiction; Isabel Rivers, Reason, Grace, and Sentiment, vol. 1
James E. Tierney, Antonia Forster, Index to Book Reviews in England 1749–1774; David Foxon, Pope and the Early Eighteenth-Century Book Trade
Michael Shinagel, Carol Houlihan Flynn, The Body in Swift and Defoe; Simon Varey, Space and the Eighteenth-Century English Novel
Shirley White Johnston, Edward Tomarken, Samuel Johnson on Shakespeare; Peter Seary, Lewis Theobald and the Editing of Shakespeare
Valerie Rumbold, Dianne Dugaw, Warrior Women and Popular Balladry, 1650–1850; Ann Messenger, ed., Gender at Work: Four Women Writers of the Eighteenth Century
H. James Jensen, James Engell, Forming the Critical Mind: Dryden to Coleridge
Patricia Craddock, J. Douglas Canfield and J. Paul Hunter, eds., Rhetorics of Order/Ordering Rhetorics in English Neoclassical Literature
Peter M. Briggs, Christopher Fox, ed., Teaching Eighteenth-Century Poetry
Alan T. McKenzie, Kevin L. Cope, Criteria of Certainty: Truth and Judgment in the English Enlightenment
Bertram H. Davis, Garland H. Cannon, The Life and Mind of Oriental Jones: Sir William Jones, the Father of Modern Linguistics
Howard D. Weinbrot, Howard Gaskill, ed., Ossian Revisited

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Volume 6 (1994), 0-404-62756-0

Samuel Johnson and America
James G. Basker, “Samuel Johnson and the American Common Reader”
Thomas M. Curley, “Johnson and America”
Kevin P. Van Anglen, “‘The Tories, We…’: Samuel Johnson and Unitarian Boston”
Stephen Swords, “Emerson and the Ghost of Johnson”
Barry Baldwin, “The Mysterious Letter ‘M’ in Johnson’s Diaries”
J. D. Fleeman, “Johnson’s Secret”
Philip Mahone Griffith, “Boswell’s Johnson and the Stephens (Leslie and Virginia Woolf)”
Aaron Stavisky, “Johnson and the Noble Savage, Friend of Goodness”
Mark E. Wildermuth, “Johnson’s Prose Style: Blending Energy and Elegance in The Rambler
Thomas E. Kinsella, “The Conventions of Authenticity: Boswell’s Revision of Dialogue in The Life of Johnson
Marie E. McAllister, “Gender, Myth, and Recompense: Hester Thrale’s Journal of a Tour to Wales”
Chester Chapin, “The Inseparability of Faith and Works in Eighteenth-Century Anglican Thought: Reflections on a Recent Debate”
Isobel Grundy, “Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s ‘Italian Memoir’”


Richard Braverman, Linda Colley, Britons: Forging the Nation 1707–1837
Vincent Carretta, Barbara Maria Stafford, Body Criticism: Imagining the Unseen in Enlightenment Art and Medicine
Morris R. Brownell, D. G. C. Allan and John L. Abbott, eds., “The Virtuoso Tribe of Arts and Sciences”: Studies in the Eighteenth-Century Work and Membership of the London Society of Arts
Lennard J. Davis, John Sitter, Arguments of Augustan Wit
Leon Guilhamet, William C. Dowling, The Epistolary Moment: The Poetics of the Eighteenth-Century Verse Epistle
Steven Shankman Ruben Quintero, Literate Culture: Pope’s Rhetorical Art
Stephen Fix Catherine N. Parke, Samuel Johnson and Biographical Thinking
Catherine N. Parke, Gloria Sybil Gross, This Invisible Riot of the Mind: Samuel Johnson’s Psychological Theory
Edward Tomarken, Eithne Henson, “The Fictions of Romantick Chivalry”: Samuel Johnson and Romance
Marie E. McAllister, Charles H. Hinnant, ed., Special Issue: Johnson and Gender. South Central Review
J. T. Scanlan, Arthur Sherbo, Richard Farmer, Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge: A Forgotten Shakespearean
Jerry C. Beasley, Marie-Paul Laden, Self-Imitation in the Eighteenth-Century Novel
Gloria Sybil Gross, Kristina Straub, Sexual Suspects: Eighteenth-Century Players and Sexual Ideology
Ann Messenger, Janet Todd, The Sign of Angellica: Women, Writing and Fiction, 1660–1800, and Isobel Grundy and Susan Wiseman, eds., Women, Writing, History: 1640–1740
Mona Scheuermann, Elizabeth Kowaleski-Wallace, Their Fathers’ Daughters: Hannah More, Maria Edgeworth and Patriarchal Complicity, and Joanne Cutting-Gray, Woman as “Nobody” and the Novels of Fanny Burney

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Volume 7 (1996), 0-404-62758-7

Samuel Johnson and Jacobitism
Howard Erskine-Hill, “Johnson the Jacobite? A Response to the New Introduction to Donald Greene’s The Politics of Samuel Johnson
J. C. D. Clark, “The Politics of Samuel Johnson”
Donald Greene, “Johnson: The Jacobite Legend Exhumed. A Rejoinder to Howard Erskine-Hill and J. C. D. Clark”
Thomas M. Curley, “Johnson No Jacobite; or, Treason Not Yet Unmasked”
Howard D. Weinbrot, “Johnson, Jacobitism, and the Historiography of Nostalgia”
James Gray and T. J. Murray, “Dr. Johnson and Dr. James”
Daisuke Nagashima, “How Johnson Read Hale’s Origination for His Dictionary: A Linguistic View”
John B. Radner, “‘A Very Exact Picture of His Life’: Johnson’s Role in Writing The Life of Johnson
Nicholas Hudson, “‘O Divinum Scripturae Beneficium!’: Swift’s Satire of Writing and Its Intellectual Context”
Alexander Pettit, “Lord Bolingbroke’s Remarks on the History of England and the Rhetoric of Political Controversy”
Arthur H. Cash, “Wilkes, Baxter, and D’Holbach at Leiden and Utrecht: An Answer to G. S. Rousseau”
Jayne Elizabeth Lewis, “Mary Stuart’s ‘Fatal Box’: Sentimental History and the Revival of the Casket Letters Controversy”


Peter Martin, Michael Dobson, The Making of the National Poet: Shakespeare, Adaptation and Authorship, 1600–1769
Greg Clingham, Charles H. Hinnant, “Steel for the Mind”: Samuel Johnson and Critical Discourse
James Gray, Richard Holmes, Dr. Johnson and Mr. Savage
David Nokes, Robert DeMaria, Jr., The Life of Samuel Johnson: A Critical Biography
Charles H. Hinnant, William C. Horne, Making a Heaven of Hell: The Problem of the Companionate Ideal in English Marriage Poetry, 1650–1800
Betty Rizzo, Richard Greene, Mary Leapor: A Study in Eighteenth-Century Women’s Poetry
Reed Woodhouse, Alvaro Ribeiro, S.J., ed, The Letters of Dr Charles Burney

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Volume 8 (1997), 0-404-62758-7

Samuel Johnson and Jacobitism
Howard Erskine-Hill, “A Kind of Liking for Jacobitism”
J. C. D. Clark, “The Cultural Identity of Samuel Johnson”
Donald Greene, “Jonathan Clark and the Abominable Cultural Mind-Set”
Howard D. Weinbrot, “Johnson and Jacobitism Redux: Evidence, Interpretation, and Intellectual History”
Thomas M. Curley, “Johnson No Jacobite; or, Treason Not Yet Unmasked: Part II, a Quotable Rejoinder from A to C”
Michael Caldwell, “Dr. Clark and Mr. Holmes: Speculation in Johnsonian Biography”
Lawrence Lipking, “New Light on Johnson’s Duck”
Jerome M. Reich, M.D., “Convulsion of the Lung: An Historical Analysis of the Cause of Dr. Johnson’s Fatal Emphysema”
James G. Basker, “Myth upon Myth: Johnson, Gender, and the Misogyny Question”
Maximillian E. Novak, “The Sensibility of Sir Herbert Croft in Love and Madness and the ‘Life of Edward Young’”
Mary Margaret Stewart, “William Collins’s Ode on the Death of Charles Ross: The Search for Audience and Patronage”
Jeanne Griggs, “Self-Praise and the Ironic Personal Panegyric of Peter Pindar”
Eric J. Frischhertz, “Laurence Sterne’s Treatment of a New Mode of Discourse: Nonverbal Communication in Tristram Shandy
William McCarthy, “The Celebrated Academy at Palgrave: A Documentary History of Anna Letitia Barbauld’s School”

Review Essay

Isobel Grundy, “Johnson’s Bookman”


Allen Reddick, Marshall Waingrow, ed., James Boswell’s “Life of Johnson”: An Edition of the Original Manuscript, in Four Volumes (Vol. 1: 1709–1765)
Isobel Grundy, Bruce Redford, ed., The Letters of Samuel Johnson, volume IV: 1782–1784; volume V: Appendices and Comprehensive Index
James G. Basker, Steven Lynn, Samuel Johnson after Deconstruction: Rhetoric and the Rambler
John Abbott, Howard D. Weinbrot, Britannia’s Issue: the Rise of British Literature from Dryden to Ossian
Thomas E. Kinsella, Irma S. Lustig, ed., Boswell: Citizen of the World, Man of Letters
Peter M. Briggs, Dustin Griffin, Satire: A Critical Reintroduction, and Claude Rawson, Satire and Sentiment, 1660–1830
James Cruise, Barbara M. Benedict, Framing Feeling: Sentiment and Style in English Prose Fiction, 1745–1800
Jeanne Griggs, Jon Thomas Rowland, Faint Praise and Civil Leer: The “Decline of Eighteenth-Century Panegyric”
George Justice, O M Brack, ed., Writers, Books, and Trade: An Eighteenth-Century English Miscellany for William B. Todd

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Volume 9 (1998), 0-404-62759-5

Aaron Stavisky, “Johnson’s ‘Vile Melancholy’ Reconsidered Once More”
John J. Burke, Jr., “Boswell and the Text of Johnson’s Logia
Donald Greene, “‘Beyond Probability’: A Boswellian Act of Faith”
Jack Lynch, “Studied Barbarity: Johnson, Spenser, and the Idea of Progress”
Stephen Slimp, “A Poet’s Apprenticeship: Samuel Johnson’s School Translations”
Hugh Reid, “‘The Want of a Closer Union…’: The Friendship of Samuel Johnson and Joseph Warton”
Sarah R. Morrison, “Toil, Envy, Want, the Reader, and the Jail: Reader Entrapment in Johnson’s Life of Savage
Adam Potkay, “Happiness in Johnson and Hume”
Frederik N. Smith, “Johnson, Beckett, and ‘The Choice of Life’”
Elizabeth Lambert, “Boswell’s Burke: the Literary Consequences of Ambivalence”
Peter M. Briggs, “Oliver Goldsmith and the Muse of Disjunction”
Celia A. Easton, “Were the Bluestockings Queer? Elizabeth Carter’s Uranian Friendships”
Lee Morrissey, “Reading Stonehenge: Toward an Archaeology of Gray’s Elegy


James Gray, Barry Baldwin, ed., The Latin and Greek Poems of Samuel Johnson
Nicholas Hudson, John Cannon, Samuel Johnson and the Politics of Hanoverian England
Blakey Vermeule, Helen Deutsch, Resemblance and Disgrace: Alexander Pope and the Deformation of Culture
Jack Lynch, Anne McDermott, ed., A Dictionary of the English Language on CD-ROM
Clare Brant, Cynthia Lowenthal, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and the Eighteenth-Century Familiar Letter
Karen O’Brien, Claudia N. Thomas, Alexander Pope and His Eighteenth-Century Women Readers
J. T. Scanlan, Wallace Jackson and R. Paul Yoder, eds., Approaches to Teaching Pope’s Poetry
Claudia N. Thomas, Dustin Griffin, Literary Patronage in England, 1650–1800
George Justice, Harry M. Solomon, The Rise of Robert Dodsley: Creating the New Age of Print
Philip Mahone Griffith, David Fairer, ed., The Correspondence of Thomas Warton
Catherine N. Parke, Felicity A. Nussbaum, Torrid Zones: Maternity, Sexuality, and Empire in Eighteenth-Century English Narratives
T. K. Meier, John Goodridge, Rural Life in Eighteenth-Century English Poetry
Peter Martin, Tom Williamson, Polite Landscapes: Gardens and Society in Eighteenth-Century England
Claudia N. Thomas, Betty Rizzo, Companions Without Vows: Relationships among Eighteenth-Century British Women
Michael Shinagel, Frank Felsenstein, Anti-Semitic Stereotypes: A Paradigm of Otherness in English Popular Culture, 1660–1830; Ann Jessie Van Sant, Eighteenth-Century Sensibility and the Novel: The Senses in Social Context
Allen Reddick, Peter Martin, Edmond Malone, Shakespearean Scholar: A Literary Biography
Betty Rizzo, Alvaro Ribeiro, S.J., and James G. Basker, eds., Tradition in Transition: Women Writers, Marginal Texts, and the Eighteenth-Century Canon

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Volume 10 (1999), 0-404-62760-9

William Kupersmith, “Johnson’s London in Context: Imitations of Roman Satire in the Later 1730s”
Robert Mayhew, “Johnson’s Intellectual Character as a Traveler: A Reassessment”
Paul Tankard, “A Petty Writer: Johnson and the Rambler Pamphlets”
Daisuke Nagashima, “The Biblical Quotations in Johnson’s Dictionary
Howard D. Weinbrot, “Samuel Johnson and the Domestic Metaphor”
Helen Ashmore, “‘Do Not, My Love, Burn Your Papers’: Samuel Johnson and Frances Reynolds: A New Document”
Theresa A. Dougal, “‘Strange Farrago of Public, Private Follies’: Piozzi, Diary, and the Travel Narrative”
K. J. H. Berland, “‘The Air of a Porter’: Lichtenberg and Lavater Test Physiognomy by Looking at Johnson”
James Cruise, “Dispensing Nationhood and the Consuming Nation in The London Merchant
Jeffrey W. Timmons, “A ‘Fatal Remedy’: Melancholy and Self-Murder in Eighteenth-Century England”


James Gray, Robert DeMaria, Jr., Samuel Johnson and the Life of Reading
Alvaro Ribeiro, S.J., Greg Clingham, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Samuel Johnson
Aaron Stavisky, Pat Rogers, The Samuel Johnson Encyclopedia
Jayne Elizabeth Lewis, Howard Erskine-Hill, Poetry of Opposition and Revolution: Dryden to Wordsworth
James Cruise, Homer Obed Brown, Institutions of the Novel: From Defoe to Scott, and Everett Zimmerman, The Boundaries of Fiction: History and the Eighteenth-Century British Novel
George Justice, Brean S. Hammond, Professional Imaginative Writing in England 1670–1740: “Hackney for Bread”
William McCarthy, Toni Bowers, The Politics of Motherhood: British Writing and Culture, 1680–1740
James Gray, The Sermons of Laurence Sterne, vols. 4 and 5, ed. Melvyn New
Toni Bowers, Bridget Hill, Servants: English Domestics in the Eighteenth Century
Mona Scheuermann, Barbara M. Benedict, Making the Modern Reader: Cultural Mediation in Early Modern Literary Anthologies, and Frank Donoghue, The Fame Machine: Book Reviewing and Eighteenth-Century Literary Careers
Lee Morrissey, Karen O’Brien, Narratives of Enlightenment: Cosmopolitan History from Voltaire to Gibbon
Philip Smallwood, H. B. Nisbet and Claude Rawson, eds., The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism Volume IV: The Eighteenth Century
Isobel Grundy, Ann Messenger, Woman and Poet in the Eighteenth Century: The Life of Mary Whateley Darwall (1738–1825)

Special Section: Johnsonian Bibliography

Jack Lynch, “A Bibliography of Johnsonian Studies, 1986–1997”

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Volume 11 (2000), 0-404-62761-7

Special Section: “Slow Rises Worth”: Poverty in Johnson’s World
Paul J. Korshin, “Samuel Johnson’s Life Experience with Poverty”
R. D. Stock, “Samuel Johnson and the Snares of Poverty”
James G. Basker, “‘The Next Insurrection’: Johnson, Race, and Rebellion”
Mona Scheuermann, “Ferocious Countenance: The Upper Classes Look at the Poor”
J. A. Downie, “Johnson’s Politics”
Daniel P. Gunn, “The Lexicographer’s Task: Language, Reason, and Idealism in Johnson’s Dictionary Preface”
Paul Tankard, “A Clergyman’s Reading: Books Recommended by Samuel Johnson”
Sarah Jordan, “Samuel Johnson and Idleness”
Michael Bundock, “Johnson’s ‘Vile Melancholy’ and The Life of Savage
Aaron Stavisky, “Johnson’s ‘Vile Melancholy’: A Response to Bundock”
Richard B. Sher, “Boswell on Robertson and the Moderates: New Evidence”
Daniel J. Ennis, “The Making of the Poet Laureate, 1730”
Thomas R. Preston, “Moral Spin Doctoring, Delusion, and Chance: Wakefield’s Vicar Writes an Enlightenment Parable”
Jeffrey Meyers, “Donald Greene: A Memoir”

Review Essay

Peter M. Briggs, “The Horn of Plenty: Some Recent Symposium Volumes in Eighteenth-Century Studies”


Thomas Kaminski, Lawrence Lipking, Samuel Johnson: The Life of an Author
Robert Folkenflik, Jacobitism and Eighteenth-Century English Literature, a Special Issue of ELH
Gloria Sybil Gross, Thomas M. Curley, Sir Robert Chambers: Law, Literature, and Empire in the Age of Johnson
Mona Scheuermann, Elizabeth Bohls, Women Travel Writers and the Language of Aesthetics, 1716–1818
Shirley White Johnston, Marcus Walsh, Shakespeare, Milton and Eighteenth-Century Literary Editing: The Beginnings of Interpretive Scholarship
Thomas M. Curley, Jerry C. Beasley, Tobias Smollett: Novelist
Patricia Craddock, Frans de Bruyn, The Literary Genres of Edmund Burke: The Political Uses of Literary Form
James Cruise, Liz Bellamy, Commerce, Morality and the Eighteenth-Century Novel; Deidre Shauna Lynch, The Economy of Character: Novels, Market Culture, and the Business of Inner Meaning
Thomas R. Preston, Jonathan Lamb, The Rhetoric of Suffering: Reading the Book of Job in the Eighteenth Century
Albert J. Rivero, Paula McDowell, The Women of Grub Street: Press, Politics, and Gender in the London Literary Marketplace 1678–1730

Index to vol. 11
Cumulative Index to vols. 1–10

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Volume 12 (2001), 0-404-62762-5

Freya Johnston, “Diminutive Observations in Johnson’s Journey to the Western Isles of Scotland
Betty Rizzo, “‘Downing Everybody’: Johnson and the Grevilles”
James G. Basker, “Intimations of Abolitionism in 1759: Johnson, Hawkesworth, and Oroonoko
Thomas M. Curley, “Johnson and the Irish: A Postcolonial Survey of the Irish Literary Renaissance in Imperial Great Britain”
Gloria Sybil Gross, “In a Fast Coach with a Pretty Woman: Jane Austen and Samuel Johnson”
Niall MacKenzie, “‘A Great Affinity in Many Things’: Further Evidence for the Jacobite Gloss on ‘Swedish Charles’”
Howard D. Weinbrot, “Johnson and the Jacobite Truffles”
Arthur H. Cash, “Sterne, Hall, Libertinism, and A Sentimental Journey
Melvyn New, “Reading Sterne through Proust and Levinas”
Martin C. Battestin, “Historical Criticism and the Question of Contemporaneity”
Jill Campbell, “In Defense of Literature: A Response to Martin C. Battestin”

Review Essay

William McCarthy, Review Essay: The Piozzi Letters


Leon Guilhamet, David F. Venturo, Johnson the Poet: the Poetic Career of Samuel Johnson
Barry Baldwin, Scott D. Evans, Samuel Johnson’s “General Nature”: Tradition and Transition in Eighteenth-Century Discourse
Nicholas Hudson, Martin Wechselblatt, Bad Behavior: Samuel Johnson and Modern Cultural Authority
Robert DeMaria, Jr., Kevin Hart, Samuel Johnson and the Culture of Property
David Venturo, William Edinger, Johnson and Detailed Representation: The Significance of the Classical Sources
John Radner, Peter Martin, A Life of James Boswell
James Gray, Steven N. Zwicker, ed., The Cambridge Companion to English Literature 1650–1740
W. B. Carnochan, J. G. A. Pocock, Barbarism and Religion, Volume 1, The Enlightenments of Edward Gibbon, 1737–1764; Volume 2, Narratives of Civil Government
Gerard C. Reedy, S.J., Isabel Rivers, Reason, Grace, and Sentiment: A Study of the Language of Religion and Ethics in England, 1660–1780: Volume 2, Shaftesbury to Hume
William Edinger, Jonathan Brody Kramnick, Making the English Canon: Print-Capitalism and the Cultural Past, 1700–1770
Jack Lynch, Paul Baines, The House of Forgery in Eighteenth-Century Britain
John L. Abbott, William Zachs, The First John Murray and the Late Eighteenth-Century London Book Trade
Steven Shankman, D. K. Money, The English Horace: Anthony Alsop and the Tradition of British Latin Verse
J. T. Scanlan, William B. Warner, Licensing Entertainment: The Elevation of Novel Reading in Britain, 1684–1750
Allen Reddick, Carey McIntosh, The Evolution of English Prose, 1700–1800: Style, Politeness, and Print Culture
Anne C. McDermott, David Matthews, The Making of Middle English, 1765–1910
Albert J. Rivero, Paula McDowell, The Women of Grub Street: Press, Politics, and Gender in the London Literary Marketplace, 1678–1730
Devoney Looser, Susan C. Greenfield and Carol Barash, eds., Inventing Maternity: Politics, Science, and Literature, 1650–1865
James Cruise, Christopher Flint, Family Fictions: Narrative and Domestic Relations in Britain, 1688–1798
Marie E. McAllister, Catherine Ingrassia, Authorship, Commerce, and Gender in Early Eighteenth-Century England: A Culture of Paper Credit, and Shawn Lisa Maurer, Proposing Men: Dialectics of Gender and Class in the Eighteenth-Century English Periodical
Deidre Lynch, James Cruise, Governing Consumption: Needs and Wants, Suspended Characters, and the “Origins” of Eighteenth-Century English Novels
Loftus Jestin, Lee Morrissey, From the Temple to the Castle: An Architectural History of British Literature, 1660–1760
David Espey, Brian Dolan, Exploring European Frontiers: British Travellers in the Age of Enlightenment
Paul J. Korshin, Shaun Irlam, Elations: The Poetics of Enthusiasm in Eighteenth-Century Britain

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Volume 13 (2002), 0-404-62763-3

George Justice, “Imlac’s Pedagogy”
Nicholas Hudson, “Discourse of Transition: Johnson, the 1750s, and the Rise of the Middle Class”
Steven Scherwatzky, “Johnson and Politics: The Dangerous Prevalence of the Imagination”
Aaron Stavisky, “Samuel Johnson and the Market Economy”
Paul Tankard, “‘That Great Literary Projector’: Samuel Johnson’s Designs, or Catalogue of Projected Works”
James Gray, “From Skeptics to Gullibles: Eighteenth-Century Responses to Miracles”
Scott Hess, “‘Approach and Read’: Gray’s Elegy, Print Culture, and Authorial Identity”
Arthur H. Cash, “A Goldberg Variation”
Robin Dix, “John Gilbert Cooper: A Poet in Search of His Metier and Meter”
Mary Waldron, “A Different Kind of Patronage: Ann Yearsley’s Later Friends”
John L. Abbott, “‘Sights to Anticipate a Taste of Paradise’: Fanny Burney at Norbury Park, 1784–86”
James McLaverty, “Reading David Fleeman’s Bibliography of Samuel Johnson

Review Essays

David Vander Meulen, “An Essay Towards Perfection: J. D. Fleeman’s Bibliography of the Works of Samuel Johnson
Blanford Parker, “Reconsidering Eighteenth-Century Poetry”
Jocelyn Harris, “Does Anybody Own This Text? Eighteenth-Century Readers as Consumers and Producers”
Toni Bowers and Stephanie Harzewski, “An Unfinished Renaissance: New Editions of Eliza Haywood”


Nicholas Hudson, Adam Potkay, The Passion for Happiness: Samuel Johnson and David Hume
Dianne Dugaw, Nick Groom, The Making of Percy’s “Reliques”
John Richetti, Daniel Defoe, Political and Economic Writings of Daniel Defoe, ed. W. R. Owens and P. N. Furbank
W. A. Speck, J. C. D. Clark, English Society 1660–1832: Religion, Ideology, and Politics during the Ancien Regime, 2nd ed.
Adam Potkay, Blakey Vermeule, The Party of Humanity: Writing Moral Psychology in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Clement Hawes, Thomas Woodman, ed., Early Romantics: Perspectives in British Poetry from Pope to Wordsworth
Michael Gamer, Paula Backscheider, ed., Revising Women: Eighteenth-Century “Women’s Fiction” and Social Engagement
April London, Vivien Jones, ed., Women and Literature in Britain, 1700–1800
Clare Brant, Devoney Looser, British Women Writers and the Writing of History, 1670–1820
Karen O’Brien, Isobel Grundy, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Comet of the Enlightenment
Catherine Dille, Mary Waldron, Lactilla, Milkwoman of Clifton: The Life and Writing of Ann Yearsley, 1753–1806
Alvaro Ribeiro, S.J., Laura Mandell, Misogynous Economies: The Business of Literature in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Catherine N. Parke, Randolph Trumbach, Sex and the Gender Revolution, Volume One: Heterosexuality and the Third Gender in Enlightenment London
Celia A. Easton, Netta Murray Goldsmith, The Worst of Crimes: Homosexuality and the Law in Eighteenth-Century London, and, George E. Haggerty, Men in Love: Masculinity and Sexuality in the Eighteenth Century
Peter Sabor, Bradford K. Mudge, The Whore’s Story: Women, Pornography, and the British Novel, 1684–1830
Peter M. Briggs, John Wilkes and Thomas Potter, An Essay on Woman: A Reconstruction of a Lost Book with a Historical Essay on the Writing, Printing, and Suppressing of This “Blasphemous and Obscene” Work, ed. Arthur H. Cash
Thomas E. Kinsella, David Pearson, ed., “For the Love of the Binding”: Studies in Bookbinding History Presented to Mirjam Foot
James M. Kuist, James Raven and Antonia Forster, ed., The English Novel 1770–1829: A Bibliographical Survey of Prose Fiction Published in the British Isles, vol. I: 1770–1799,
Frank Felsenstein, Richard A. Barney, Plots of Enlightenment: Education and the Novel in Eighteenth-Century England
Elizabeth R. Lambert, John Brewer, The Pleasures of the Imagination: English Culture in the Eighteenth-Century
Lee Morrissey, Stephen Daniels, Humphry Repton: Landscape Gardening and the Geography of Georgian England

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Volume 14 (2003), 0-404-62764-1

Christine Rees, “Johnson Reads Areopagitica
Sarah R. Morrison, “Samuel Johnson, Mr. Rambler, and Women”
Iona Italia, “Johnson as Moralist in The Rambler
Michael Bundock, “The Making of Johnson’s Prayers and Meditations
Timothy Erwin, “Scribblers, Servants, and Johnson’s Life of Savage
Aaron Stavisky, “Johnson’s Poverty: The Uses of Adversity”
Gay W. Hughes, “The Estrangement of Hester Thrale and Samuel Johnson: A Revisionist View”
Catherine Dille, “Johnson, Hill, and the ‘Good Old Cause’: Liberal Interpretation in the Editions of George Birkbeck Hill”
Lyle Larsen, “Dr. Johnson’s Friend, the Elegant Topham Beauclerk”
Stephen Clarke, “‘Prejudice, Bigotry, and Arrogance’: Horace Walpole’s Abuse of Samuel Johnson”
James Cruise, “Childhood, Play, and the Contexts of Robinson Crusoe
Brycchan Carey, “William Wilberforce’s Sentimental Rhetoric: Parliamentary Reportage and the Abolition Speech of 1789”

Review Essays

Howard D. Weinbrot, “Johnson and Jacobite Wars XLV”
Michael Shinagel, “The Lives and Strange Surprising Adventures of Daniel Defoe”
James Gray, “Roy Porter’s Opus Magnum et Ultimum
Judith Phillips Stanton, “A Feast of Anxieties: New Looks at British Fiction, 1700–1833”


Edward Tomarken, Philip Smallwood, ed., Johnson Re-Visioned: Looking Before and After
Brian Hanley, Greg Clingham, Johnson, Writing, and Memory
Antonia Forster, Brian Hanley, Samuel Johnson as Book Reviewer: A Duty to Examine the Labors of the Learned
Gloria Sybil Gross, Beryl Bainbridge, According to Queeney
Kevin Hart, Adam Sisman, Boswell’s Presumptuous Task: The Making of the Life of Dr. Johnson
Valerie Rumbold, Kathryn R. King, Jane Barker, Exile: A Literary Career, 1675–1725
Stephen Fix, John Boyle, Fifth Earl of Cork and Orrery, Remarks on the Life and Writings of Dr. Jonathan Swift
Linda V. Troost, Dianne Dugaw, “Deep Play”: John Gay and the Invention of Modernity
Alexander Pettit, Tone Sundt Erstad, Sir Robert Walpole’s Poets: The Use of Literature as Pro-Government Propaganda, 1721–1742
Allen Reddick, Morris Brownell, The Prime Minister of Taste: A Portrait of Horace Walpole
George Justice, David Blewett, ed., Passion and Virtue: Essays on the Novels of Samuel Richardson
Martin C. Battestin, Ian Campbell Ross, Laurence Sterne: A Life
Mona Scheuermann, Janice Farrar Thaddeus, Frances Burney: A Literary Life
Dustin Griffin, Richard Terry, Poetry and the Making of the English Literary Past, 1660–1781
April London, George Justice, The Manufacturers of Literature: Writing and the Literary Marketplace in Eighteenth-Century England
James McLaverty, Isabel Rivers, ed., Books and Their Readers in Eighteenth-Century England: New Essays
Elizabeth Hedrick, Barbara M. Benedict, Curiosity: A Cultural History of Early Modern Inquiry
Leon Guilhamet, Claude Rawson, God, Gulliver, and Genocide: Barbarism and the European Imagination, 1492–1945
James P. Carson, Linda E. Merians, Envisioning the Worst: Representations of “Hottentots” in Early Modern England
Patricia Craddock, Linda Zionkowski, Men’s Work: Gender, Class, and the Professionalization of Poetry, 1660–1784
Carey McIntosh, Linda Mitchell, Grammar Wars: Language as Cultural Battlefield in 17th- and 18th-Century England
Thomas M. Curley, Janet Sorenson, The Grammar of Empire in Eighteenth-Century British Writing
Frans De Bruyn, John Barrell, Imagining the King’s Death: Figurative Treason, Fantasies of Regicide, 1793–1796, and Mona Scheuermann, In Praise of Poverty: Hannah More Counters Thomas Paine and the Radical Threat
Theresa A. Dougal, Bridget Hill, Women Alone: Spinsters in England, 1660–1850
Isobel Grundy, Ann Messenger, Pastoral Tradition and the Female Talent: Studies in Augustan Poetry
J. T. Scanlan, Stephen Miller, Three Deaths and Enlightenment Thought

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Volume 15 (2004), 0-404-62765-x

Chris P. Pearce, “Johnson’s Proud Folio: The Material and Rhetorical Contexts of Johnson’s Preface to the Dictionary
Jennifer Snead, “Disjecta Membra Poetae: The Aesthetics of the Fragment and Johnson’s Biographical Practice in the Lives of the English Poets
Kathleen Nulton Kemmerer, “Domestic Relations in Samuel Johnson’s Life of Milton
Paul Tankard, “The ‘Great Cham’ and the ‘English Aristophanes’: Samuel Johnson, Samuel Foote, and Harmless Pleasure”
Michael Keevak, “Johnson’s Psalmanazar”
Amiya Bhushan Sharma, “Samuel Johnson’s Image of India”
Loren Rothschild, “Blinking Sam: The True History of Sir Joshua Reynolds’s 1775 Portrait of Samuel Johnson”
Erik Bond, “Bringing Up Boswell: Drama, Criticism, and the Journals”
Robin Dix, “Eighteenth-Century Developments in the Patronage System: The Case of John Gilbert Cooper”
Kathryn J. Ready, “Hannah More and the Bluestocking Salons: Commerce, Virtue, Sensibility, and Conversation”
Carol Percy, “Plane English; or, The Orthography of Opposition in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain”
Robin C. Alston, “The History of ESTC”

Review Essays

Lisa Berglund, “‘Like the Pedant in Hierocles’: Thoughts on the Present and Future of the Eighteenth-Century Studies Anthology”
David Espey, “Studies in Eighteenth-Century Travel Writing and Beyond: Genre, Science, and the Book Trade”


Paul Tankard, Harriet Kirkley, A Biographer at Work: Samuel Johnson’s Notes for the “Life of Pope”
Catherine N. Parke, Bruce Redford, Designing the “Life of Johnson”: The Lyell Lectures in Bibliography, 2001–2
Carol Shiner Wilson, Gloria Sybil Gross, In a Fast Coach with a Pretty Woman: Jane Austen and Samuel Johnson
R. D. Stock, Jack Lynch, The Age of Elizabeth in the Age of Johnson
Martine Watson Brownley, David Womersley, Gibbon and the “Watchmen of the Holy City”
Alan T. McKenzie, Alexander Broadie, ed., The Cambridge Companion to the Scottish Enlightenment
Rudolphus Teeuwen, Timothy Dykstal, The Luxury of Skepticism: Politics, Philosophy, and Dialogue in the English Public Sphere, 1660–1740
Nicholas Hudson, Annabel Patterson, Nobody’s Perfect: A New Whig Interpretation of History
Leon Guilhamet, Scott Paul Gordon, The Power of the Passive Self in English Literature, 1640–1770
James Cruise, Patricia Meyer Spacks, Privacy: Concealing the Eighteenth-Century Self
William McCarthy, The Piozzi Letters: Correspondence of Hester Lynch Piozzi, 1784–1821 (Formerly Mrs. Thrale). Volume 6: 1817–1821
Peter Martin, The Early Journals and Letters of Fanny Burney, Volume IV: The Streatham Years
Freya Johnston, Nicole Pohl and Betty A. Schellenberg, eds., Reconsidering the Bluestockings
Mona Scheuermann, Naomi Tadmor, Family and Friends in Eighteenth-Century England: Household, Kinship and Patronage
Christine Rees, Alessa Johns, Women’s Utopias of the Eighteenth Century
Susan C. Greenfield, Katharine Kittredge, ed., Lewd and Notorious: Female Transgression in the Eighteenth Century
Bradford Mudge, Patsy S. Fowler and Alan Jackson, eds., Launching “Fanny Hill”: Essays on the Novel and its Influence
Daniel J. Ennis, Hal Gladfelder, Criminality and Narrative in Eighteenth-Century England: Beyond the Law
Jack Lynch, Nick Groom, The Forger’s Shadow: How Forgery Changed the Course of Literature
Pat Michaelson, Lisa A. Freeman, Character’s Theater: Genre and Identity on the Eighteenth-Century English Stage
Gloria Sybil Gross, Robert Mayer, ed., Eighteenth-Century Fiction on Screen

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Volume 16 (2005), 0-404-62766-8

Anne McDermott, “The Compilation Methods of Johnson’s Dictionary
Catherine Dille, “Johnson’s Dictionary in the Nineteenth Century: A Legacy in Transition”
Michael Karounos, “Rasselas and the Riddle of the Caves: Setting Eternity in the Hearts of Men”
Anthony W. Lee, “Johnson’s Symbolic Mentors: Addison, Dryden, and Rambler 86”
Michael Bundock, “Johnson and Women in Boswell’s Life of Johnson
Lyle Larsen, “Joseph Baretti’s Feud with Hester Thrale”
Thomas E. Kinsella, “The Pride of Literature: Arthur Murphy’s Essay on Johnson
Peter M. Briggs, “Joseph Addison and the Art of Listening: Birdsong, Italian Opera, and the Music of the English Tongue”
Niall MacKenzie, “Eliza Haywood in a ‘Scrutinising Age’”
Adam Rounce, “‘A Clamour Too Loud to Be Distinct’: William Warburton’s Literary Squabbles”
Betty Rizzo, “Lyttelton’s Ghosts: An Impassioned Indecision”
Karen Junod, “Artists’ Lives in Eighteenth-Century Britain: The Strange Case of William Beckford”
Carolyn Woodward, “Jane Collier, Sarah Fielding, and the Motif of Tormenting”

Review Essay

Richard Wendorf, “Making Sense of Romney”


Allen Reddick, Nicholas Hudson, Samuel Johnson and the Making of Modern England
Scott Paul Gordon, Fred Parker, Scepticism and Literature: An Esssay on Pope, Hume, Sterne, and Johnson
Steven Lynn, Sarah Jordan, The Anxieties of Idleness: Idleness in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture
Robert Folkenflik, Dennis Todd and Cynthia Wall, eds., Eighteenth-Century Genre and Culture: Serious Reflections on Occasional Forms
James Cruise, Patricia Meyer Spacks, Privacy
Paul Tankard, Michael Keevak, The Pretended Asian
Michael Shinagel, Daniel Defoe, A Review of the Affairs of France
James Cruise, Daniel Defoe, The Political History of the Devil
Freya Johnston, Elizabeth R. Lambert, Edmund Burke of Beaconsfield; Luke Gibbons, Edmund Burke and Ireland
Betty Rizzo, Judith Phillips Stanton, ed., The Collected Letters of Charlotte Smith
Lisa Freeman, Robyn Asleson, ed., Notorious Muse; Cynthia Lowenthal, Performing Identities, the Restoration Stage
Gerard Reedy, S.J., David Blewett, ed., “Fiction & Religion,” a special issue of Eighteenth-Century Fiction
Richard E. Brantley, John Kent, Wesley and the Wesleyans
Thomas M. Curley, Betty Joseph, Reading the East India Company
Adam Potkay, Frederick N. Smith, Beckett’s Eighteenth Century
Sandra Sherman, Gilly Lehmann, The British Housewife
Jocelyn Harris, James How, Epistolary Spaces
Thomas E. Kinsella, Stuart Bennett, Trade Bookbinding in the British Isles, 1660–1800
William H. Epstein, A. D. Nuttall, Dead from the Waist Down
Alvaro Ribeiro, S.J., William Zachs, ed., Mary Hyde Eccles: A Miscellany of Her Essays and Addresses

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Volume 17 (2006), 0-404-62767-6 (978-0-404-62767-6)

Steven D. Scherwatzky, “Samuel Johnson’s Augustinianism Revisited”
Matthew M. Davis, “‘Ask for the Old Paths’: Johnson and the Usages Controversy”
Mel Kersey, “‘The Wells of English Undefiled’: Samuel Johnson’s Romantic Resistance to Britishness”
Tim Aurthur and Steven Calt, “Opium and Samuel Johnson”
Linde Katritzky, “Johnson and the Earl of Shelburne’s Circle”
Thomas M. Curley, “Samuel Johnson and Truth: The First Systematic Detection of Literary Deception in James Macpherson’s Ossian
Nick Groom, “Samuel Johnson and Truth: A Response to Curley”
Charles Haskell Hinnant, “Moll Flanders, Roxana, and the French Tradition of the Pseudo-Memoir”
Eve Tavor Bannet, “Lives, Letters, and Tales in Sarah Scott’s Journey through Every Stage of Life
John L. Abbott, “‘This Long & Cruel Perplexity’: Frances Burney in Love, 1784–86”
Lance Wilcox, “Idols and Idolaters in A Simple Story
Christopher Reid, “‘Community of Mind’: Quotation and Persuasion in the Eighteenth-Century House of Commons”

Review Essays

Chris P. Pearce, “‘Gleaned as Industry Should Find, or Chance Should Offer It’: Johnson’s Dictionary after 250 Years”
Philip Smallwood, “Literary Histories Old and New”
David Hopkins, “Fiddling While Rome Burns? Dryden Criticism at the Tercentenary”
Richard Wendorf, “Celebrating Sir Joshua”
Kevin Berland, “Formalized Curiosity in the Electronic Age and the Uses of On-Line Text-Bases”


Steven Shankman, Samuel Johnson, A Commentary on Mr. Pope’s Principles of Morality, ed. O M Brack, Jr., vol. XVII of The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson
Freya Johnston, Henry Hitchings, Defining the World: The Extraordinary Story of Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary
J. T. Scanlan, Helen Deutsch, Loving Dr. Johnson
Robert Phiddian, Richard Terry, Mock-Heroic from Butler to Cowper: An English Genre and Discourse
Dustin Griffin, Charles A. Knight, The Literature of Satire
Adam Rounce, Conrad Brunström, William Cowper: Religion, Satire, Society
Raymond D. Tumbleson, Ronald Paulson, Hogarth’s Harlot: Sacred Parody in Enlightenment England
Niall MacKenzie, Patrick Spedding, A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood
Karen Junod, Kenneth W. Graham and Kevin Berland, eds., William Beckford and the New Millennium
John L. Abbott, Annibel Jenkins, I’ll Tell You What: The Life of Elizabeth Inchbald
James Cruise, Ruth Perry, Novel Relations: The Transformation of Kinship in English Literature and Culture, 1748–1818
David McKay, John Howe, Language and Political Meaning in Revolutionary America
Brycchan Carey, Felicity A. Nussbaum, The Limits of the Human: Fictions of Anomaly, Race, and Gender in the Long Eighteenth Century
Thomas K. Meier, E. J. Cleary, The Feminization Debate in Eighteenth-Century England: Literature, Commerce, and Luxury
Jack Lynch, John L. Abbott, ed., The Selected Essays of Donald Greene
Lee Morrissey, William Stukeley, Stukeley’s “Stonehenge”: An Unpublished Manuscript, 1721–1724

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Volume 18 (2007), 0-404-62768-4 (978-0-404-62768-3)

Special Issue: Korshin Memorial Essays

Robert Folkenflik, “The Politics of Johnson’s Dictionary Revisited”
Thomas M. Curley, “Samuel Johnson’s Forgotten Friendship with William Shaw: Their Last Stand for Truth in the Ossian Controversy”
Arthur H. Cash, “Samuel Johnson and John Wilkes”
Howard D. Weinbrot, “Meeting the Monarch: Johnson, Boswell, and the Anatomy of a Genre”
Philip Smallwood, “Johnson’s Criticism and ‘Critical Global Studies’”
James Cruise, “Egypt and the Hieroglyphs in England: Secrecy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries”
Maximilian E. Novak, “Novel or Fictional Memoir: The Scandalous Publication of Robinson Crusoe
Jack Lynch, “Horry, the Ruffian, and the Whelp: Three Fakers of the 1760s”
James Gray, “Diderot, Garrick, and the Art of Acting”
Lisa Berglund, “Hester Lynch Piozzi’s Anecdotes versus the Editors”
Mona Scheuermann, “Truths Universally Acknowledged: Social Commentary in Mansfield Park”
George Justice, “Schooling the Novel: John Gibson Lockhart’s Reginald Dalton
Gloria Sybil Gross, “Stanley Kubrick’s Love Affair with the Eighteenth Century”
Jack Lynch, “A Bibliography of Paul J. Korshin’s Writings”

Special Section
“No Writer nor Scholar Need Be Dull”: Recollections of Paul J. Korshin

Personal reminiscences and tributes from Robert Allen, Blake Allmendinger, O M Brack, Jr., William Courshon, Stuart Curran, James Cruise, Jane Hershey Cuozzo, Thomas M. Curley, James Dawes, James Gray, Gloria Sybil Gross, David W. Johnson, George Justice, Thomas E. Kinsella, Roberta S. Klein, Brooks R. Kolb, Jack Lynch, Ann Matter, John Richetti, Ira P. Robbins, A. Helen Greene Standring, Eric Wertheimer, and Malcolm Woodfield


Allen Reddick, Samuel Johnson, Johnson on the English Language, ed. Gwin J. Kolb and Robert DeMaria, Jr.
Anthony W. Lee, James Boswell, An Account of Corsica, the Journal of a Tour to That Island, and Memoirs of Pascal Paoli, ed. James T. Boulton and T. O. McLoughlin
Nicholas Hudson, Abigail Williams, Poetry and the Creation of a Whig Literary Culture, 1681–1714
Dustin Griffin, Howard D. Weinbrot, Menippean Satire Reconsidered: From Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century
David F. Venturo, Robin Sowerby, The Augustan Art of Poetry: Augustan Translation of the Classics
John Richetti, Patricia Meyer Spacks, Novel Beginnings: Experiments in Eighteenth-Century English Fiction
J. T. Scanlan, John Allen Stevenson, The Real History of Tom Jones
Jack Lynch, David A. Brewer, The Afterlife of Character, 1726–1825
Jaclyn Geller, Lisa Zunshine, Bastards and Foundlings: Illegitimacy in Eighteenth-Century England
Scott Cleary, Paul Baines and Pat Rogers, Edmund Curll, Bookseller
Alan T. McKenzie, Richard B. Sher, The Enlightenment & the Book: Scottish Authors & Their Publishers in Eighteenth-Century Britain, Ireland, & America
Bruce E. Graver, William St. Clair, The Reading Nation in the Romantic Period
Melissa Bloom, Kathryn Shevelow, Charlotte: Being a True Account of an Actress’s Flamboyant Adventures in Eighteenth-Century London’s Wild and Wicked Theatrical World
Kevin L. Cope, Julia V. Douthwaite and Mary Vidal, eds., The Interdisciplinary Century: Tensions and Convergences in Eighteenth-Century Art, History, and Literature

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Volume 19 (2009), 0-404-62769-2 (978-0-404-62769-0)

Earl A. Reitan, “Samuel Johnson, the Gentleman’s Magazine, and the War of Jenkins’ Ear”
H. J. Jackson, “A General Theory of Fame in the Lives of the Poets
Anthony W. Lee, “An Intertextual Node: Johnson’s Life of Dryden, Rambler 31, and A Letter from a Gentleman to the Honourable Ed. Howard Esq.
Julie Crane, “Johnson and the Art of Interruption”
Robin Dix, “Fugitive References to Johnson in Eighteenth-Century Manuscripts”
Robert G. Walker, “Boswell’s Use of ‘Ogden on Prayer’ in Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides
Michael F. Suarez, S.J., “Secular Lessons: Biblical Satire, Parody, Imitation, and Emulation in Eighteenth-Century Chronicles of British Politics”
David Fairer, “‘Fishes in His Water’: Shenstone, Sensibility, and the Ethics of Looking”
William Gibson, “Smollett, Goldsmith, Nash, and Tobit’s Dog: The Biography of a Joke”
Emily Bowles-Smith, “Perfect Patterns of Conjugal Love and Duty: George Ballard’s Domestic Ideologies in His Lives of Elizabeth Egerton and Margaret Cavendish”
Brijraj Singh, “Revisiting Purley: John Horne Tooke’s Logocentrism”
Rebecca Hussey, “The Sentimental Traveler: Emotion, Movement, and Economy in Sarah Fielding’s Adventures of David Simple and Volume the Last
Eve Tavor Bannet, “Immigrant Fictions: Mathew Carey, Susanna Rowson, and Charlotte Temple in Philadelphia”

Review Essays
Robert Folkenflik, “‘Little Lives, and Little Prefaces’”? Lonsdale’s Edition of Johnson’s Lives of the Poets
Nora Nachumi, “Living Large: The Women in Women’s Theatrical Memoirs

Book Reviews

Michelle Syba, Philip Smallwood, Johnson’s Critical Presence: Image, History, Judgment
J. T. Scanlan, Anthony W. Lee, Mentoring Relationships in the Life and Writings of Samuel Johnson: A Study in the Dynamics of Eighteenth-Century Literary Mentoring
Richard J. Murphy, Caryl Phillips, Foreigners: Three English Lives
Nancy Johnson, James Buchan, The Authentic Adam Smith
George Justice, Stephen D. Miller, Conversation: A History of a Dying Art
Sophie Gee, Emily Cockayne, Hubbub: Filth, Noise and Stench in England
David F. Venturo, Louise Barnett, Jonathan Swift in the Company of Women
Lynn Festa, Brycchan Carey, British Abolitionism and the Rhetoric of Sensibility: Writing, Sentiment, and Slavery, 1760–1807
Devoney Looser, Jennie Batchelor and Cora Kaplan, eds., British Women’s Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century: Authorship, Politics, and History
Natalie Roxburgh, Deborah Valenze, The Social Life of Money in the English Past

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