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Baseball and the “Sultan of Swat”: Babe Ruth at 100

Baseball and the “Sultan of Swat” is a collective memory where Babe Ruth recalls all the greatest American baseball players in 1920s: Red Grange, Johnny Weissmuller, Bobby Jones, Jack Dempsey, Bill Tilden, and Helen Wills Moody.

This book gives the truest picture and collects essays, recollections, and testimonials sourced from a conference on the Bambino in 1995. Testimonials are derived from sports writers, professors, lawyers, corporate CEOs, etc. Here you can read about all aspects of Ruth’s career: his green years as a pitcher to his fame days as the Yankees’ homerun king. The book also described his days in the US, Cuba, Japan, and South America.

Baseball and the “Sultan of Swat” presents a multicolour picture of the Sultan of Swat with career-ranging photos and sharp sketches, revealing statistics, and a bibliography.

Category: General Issues