The Eighteenth-Century Novel

Edited by
Albert J. Rivero and George Justice

Book Review Editor
Kit Kincade

ISSN 1528-3631
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Modern Language Review on Volume 2: “Research into the eighteenth-century novel remains lively and engaged. The second volume . . . has been edited with great dedication by Albert Rivero. . . . [It] contains outstanding essays. . . . Some of the best essays explore historical aspects of the texts to throw new light on their fictional economies.”—Kate Williams

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Volume 8

2010 (NYP)
ISBN-10: 0-404-64658-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64658-5
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Elizabeth S. Kim, “Penelope Aubin’s Novels Reconsidered: The Barbary Captivity Narrative and Christian Ecumenism in Early Eighteenth-Century Britain”
Nicholas Seager, “Daniel Defoe, the Novel, the Canon, and The Memoirs of Major Alexander Ramkins”
Jed Wentz, “Roxana’s Dance: The Persuasive Footwork of Defoe’s Fortunate Mistress”
Kathleen M. Oliver, “Over the Garden Wall: Sarah Fielding’s Ophelia as Critique of Pamela”
Regina Martin, “Specters of Romance: The Female Quixote and Domestic Fiction”
Rebecca Hussey, “‘The Balance of Sentimental Commerce’: Reading the Economy of Feeling in Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey”
Corey Andrews, “Men of Feeling: Harley, Sindall, Zeluco, and Robert Burns”
William D. Brewer, “Charlotte Smith’s Celestina and the Rousseauvian Moral Self”
Hilary Teynor Donatini, “Moral and Medical Diagnosis in Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda”
Sarah Raff, “Blame Austen: Janeites, Emma, and the Betrayal of Fanny Knight”
Bridget Draxler, “Adaptation as Interpretation: Eighteenth-Century Methods in the Twenty-First-Century Classroom”

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Double Volume 6–7

August 2009
ISBN-10: 0-404-64656-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64656-1
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Special Double Volume

Essays in Honor of John Richetti

George Justice, Introduction

Toni Bowers, “Verses on the Retirement of Johannes Richettius”

History, Theory, and Eighteenth-Century Literature
Paula R. Backscheider, “The Paradigms of Popular Culture”
John Bender, “The Novel as Modern Myth”
Robert DeMaria, Jr., “Plutarch, Johnson, and Boswell: The Classical Tradition of Biography at the End of the Eighteenth Century”
Robert Folkenflik, “Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure and the Culture of Pornography”
Suvir Kaul, “On Intersections between Empire, Colony, Nation, and Province in Eighteenth-Century British Poetry”
Thomas Keymer, “Defoe’s Ears: The Dunciad, the Pillory, and Seditious Libel”
Michael McKeon, “The Dramatic Aesthetic and the Model of Scientific Method in Britain, 1600–1800”
Cynthia Wall, “The Business of Houses: The Problem of Old London Bridge”

The New Eighteenth-Century Novel

J. Paul Hunter, “Rethinking Form in Tom Jones”
Adam Potkay, “Liberty and Necessity in Fielding’s Amelia”
Jack Lynch, “Tristram Shandy and the Rise of the Novel; or, Unpopular Fiction after Richardson”
Laura Brown, “Shock Effect: Evelina’s Monkey and the Marriage Plot”
Susan C. Greenfield,“Monkeying Around in Evelina: Identity and Resemblance Again”
Lynn Festa, “Losing One’s Place in Mansfield Park”
Juliet Shields, “Pedagogy in the Post-Colony: Documentary Didacticism and the ‘Irish Problem’”

Teaching the Eighteenth-Century Novel

Kate Levin, “‘Imagining a world of Satisfaction’: The Challenges and Pleasures of Teaching Eliza Haywood’s Fantomina”

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