Dickens’s Uncollected Magazine and Newspaper Sketches, as Originally Composed and Published, 1833–1836

Edited with an Introduction and Notes by
Robert C. Hanna

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AMS Studies in the Nineteenth Century, No. 46

“This specialized book will interest Dickens scholars and anyone wishing to read the sketches in the order in which they were originally published (and as they first appeared in print). Summing Up: Recommended. Graduate students, researchers.”

—J. D. Vann, Choice

This collection reproduces fifty-six early sketches exactly as they were initially published before Dickens heavily revised them for his first book, Sketches of Boz. Authoritative annotations, four rarely seen original illustrations, and authorized and unauthorized versions of the sketches allow readers to encounter Dickens as his first readers did.”

—W. Bland Whitley, Scholarly Editing

Dickens’s Uncollected Magazine and Newspaper Sketches, as Originally Composed and Published, 1833–1836 brings together fifty-six early sketches by Dickens that have never before been collected in this form. Each sketch faithfully reproduces its original version, typesetting features and printing errors included, just as they initially appeared and before Dickens heavily revised them (merging some, retitling others, removing characters and incidents and adding new ones) to create his first book, Sketches by Boz. Presenting both authorized and unauthorized versions of the sketches, as well as four rarely seen original illustrations, this edition will enable today’s readers to encounter Dickens—with all his charm, wit, and insight—just as his first readers did some 175 years ago.

Hanna’s introduction offers sections on “Dickens’s First Literary Publication,” “First Readers of Dickens’s Sketches,” “Hidden Messages in Dickens’s Sketches,” and a chronological listing of all authorized reprints of Dickens’s sketches, while appendices identify characters unique to these fifty-six sketches and provide an index and glossary for explanations absent from comparable guides Sketches by Boz.

With these materials now readily at hand in a uniform, painstakingly-edited text superior to the catch-as-catch-can realities of even the best electronic editions of nineteenth-century periodicals, scholars can now expand their understanding of Dickens’s early working process, as well as the materiality of his work. An essential addition to any collection of Dickensiana.


Editor’s Note

Dickens’s First Literary Publication
First Readers of Dickens’s Sketches
Hidden Messages in Dickens’s Sketches
Earliest Reviews of Original Magazine Sketches
Locations of Original Periodicals Containing Dickens’s Original Sketches
Reprints Published by Affiliate Newspapers
Bibliography and Works Cited

Dickens’s Uncollected Sketches
1A. A Dinner at Poplar Walk.
1B. A Dinner at Poplar-Walk. (unauthorized reprint)
2.    Mrs. Joseph Porter, ‘Over the Way.’
3.    Horatio Sparkins.
4A. The Bloomsbury Christening.
4B. The Omnibus. (unauthorized reprint)
Illustration by Robert Seymour (unauthorized)
5.    The Boarding-House.
6.    Sentiment (or, Sentiment!)
7.    The Boarding-House.—No. II.
8.    Street Sketches—No. I. Omnibuses.
9.    The Steam Excursion.
10.   Street Sketches.—No. II. Shops, and Their Tenants.
11.   Street Sketches.—No. III. The Old Bailey.
12.   Street Sketches—No. IV. Shabby-Genteel People.
13.   Street Sketches.—No. V. Brokers’ and Marine Store Shops.
14.   Passage in the Life of Mr. Watkins Tottle. Chapter the First.
15.   Sketches of London.—No. I. Hackney-Coach Stands.
16.   Passage in the Life of Mr. Watkins Tottle. Chapter the Second.
17.   Sketches of London.—No. II. Gin Shops.
18.   Sketches of London.—No. III. Early Coaches.
19.   Sketches of London.—No. IV. “The Parish.”
20.   Sketches of London.—No. V. “The House.”
21.   Sketches of London.—No. VI. London Recreations.
22.   Sketches of London.—No. VII. Public Dinners.
23.   Sketches of London.—No. VIII. Bellamy’s
24.   Sketches of London.—No. IX. Greenwich Fair.
25.   Sketches of London.—No. X. Thoughts about People.
26.   Sketches of London.—No. XI. Astley’s.
27.   Sketches of London.—No. XII. Our Parish.
28.   Sketches of London.—No. XIII. The River.
29.   Sketches of London.—No. XIV. Our Parish.
30.   Sketches of London.—No. XV. The Pawnbroker’s Shop.
31.   Sketches of London.—No. XVI. Our Parish.
32.   Sketches of London.—No. XVII. The Streets—Morning.
33.   Sketches of London.—No. XVIII. Our Parish.
34.   Sketches of London.—No. XIX. Private Theatres.
35.   Sketches of London.—No. XX. Our Parish.
36.   Scenes and Characters.—No. I. Seven Dials.
37.   Scenes and Characters—No. II. Miss Evans and “The Eagle.”
38.   Scenes and Characters—No. III. The Dancing Academy.
39.   Scenes and Characters—No. IV. Making a Night of It.
40.   Scenes and Characters—No. V. Love and Oysters.
41.   Scenes and Characters—No. VI. Some Account of an Omnibus Cad.
42.   Scenes and Characters—No. VII. The Vocal Dress-Maker.
43.   Scenes and Characters—No. VIII. The Prisoners’ Van.
44.   Scenes and Characters—No IX The Parlour.
45.   Scenes and Characters.—No. X. Christmas Festivities.
46.   Scenes and Characters.—No. XI. The New Year.
47.   Scenes and Characters.—No. XII. The Streets at Night.
48.   Sketches by “Boz.”—New Series. No. I.—Our Next Door Neighbours.
49.   The Tuggs’s at Ramsgate.
Two Illustrations by Robert Seymour
50.   A Little Talk about Spring, and the Sweeps.
Illustration by Robert Buss
51.   Leaves from an Unpublished Volume. By “Boz,” The Hospital Patient.
52.   Leaves, from an Unpublished Volume. By “Boz,” Hackney Cabs, and Their
53.   Sketches by “Boz.” New Series, No. I. Meditations in Monmouth-Street.
54A. Sketches by “Boz.”—No. II. (New Series.) Scotland-Yard.
54B. Scotland-Yard. (unauthorized reprint)
54C. Sketches by “Boz.” Scotland Yard. (unauthorized reprint)
55A. Sketches by “Boz.”—No. III. (New Series.)—Doctors’ Commons.
55B. Doctors’ Commons. (unauthorized reprint)
55C. Sketches by “Boz.” Doctors’ Commons. (unauthorized reprint)
56A. Sketches by “Boz.”—No. IV. (New Series.) Vauxhall-Gardens by Day.
56B. Sketches by “Boz.” Vauxhall-Gardens by Day. (unauthorized reprint)

Tables Listing the Original and Revised Titles of the Sketches and Their Order
Additions to “All named characters in the fictional writings” in The Dickens Index
Index and Glossary

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Dickens, Charles, 1812–1870.
Dickens’s uncollected magazine and newspaper sketches, as originally composed and published 1833–1836 / edited with an introduction and notes by Robert C. Hanna.
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I. Hanna, Robert C. (Robert Conrad)
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IV. Title: Uncollected magazineand newspaper sketches, as originally composed and published 1833–1836.
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