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Terms of Use

Terms of Use Acceptance

The acceptance of this Terms of Use is eliguble to use the website for the purpose to buy medications online.

It is not allowed to accept this Terms of Use partially.

Acceptance of this document is probably in the following conditions:

  • careful reading by the User of all the terms of this Agreement.
  • the user consent to comply with all the terms of this Agreement.
  • the Consent of the user with the processing of his personal data by the Administration on the terms provided for by this User Agreement.

Terms of Use subject

The subject of this document is to provide the User with access to the content published on the website, the services of the website. Site services include the ability to purchase medications online.

The User accepts that the Administration is an intermediary between the User and the Manufcaurer.

The Administration takes all possible measures to provide the Users with the possibility of buying drugs exclusively from reliable and trusted manufacturers, however, in case of failure to fulfill or improper fulfillment of obligations, the manufacturer is solely responsible for possible consequences.

Information posted on the pages of the website: news, posts, video, photo content in free access and information materials is provided to the user free of charge, payment for services is carried out by the user only when ordering specific services in accordance with the conditions indicated on the page of each service separately.

User information support

The user gives his voluntary consent to inform him about all the actions of the Site Administration related to buying medications, including the status of the order, as well as other events of any nature related to the website.

The User gives his voluntary consent to inform him by sending a notification by e-mail specified by the User when ordering on the website, and/or SMS notifications to the user’s phone.

The Site Administration is not responsible for delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or inadequacy of any notifications from the User. At the same time, the Site Administration reserves the right to re-send any notification if it is not received by the User.

The user can ask all questions regarding information support during the working hours indicated on the website to the customer support service through the feedback form.

Intellectual rights

All objects posted on the Site, including design elements, texts, graphic images, illustrations, videos, scripts, programs and other objects and their collections, are objects of exclusive rights of the Administration and other copyright holders, all rights to these objects are protected.

Except for the cases defined by this Agreement, as well as the current legislation, nothing may be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, displayed, published, downloaded, transmitted, sold or otherwise used in whole or in part without prior permission of the copyright holder, except when the copyright holder expressly agreed to the free use of the Content.

Any use of the website or content, except as permitted in this Agreement or in the case of the express consent of the copyright holder to such use, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited.

Unless otherwise expressly established in this Agreement, nothing in this Agreement may be considered as a transfer of exclusive rights to Content.