An International Annual of Critical Aesthetics

Edited by
Rüdiger Ahrens
Klaus Stierstorfer

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Praise for volume 1 of Symbolism

“If the high quality of this first volume can be maintained in the future, this series will become an essential tool for all serious scholars and research libraries. As is fitting for its outstanding content, the volume is handsomely printed, illustrated, and hardbound . . . .
Symbolism, Vol. 1 is a very substantial contribution to scholarship.”
—Todd K. Bender, Anglistik


Volume 11

Edited by
Rüdiger Ahrens and Klaus Stierstorfer

2011 (NYP)

ISBN-10: 0-404-63571-7
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Special Focus: Metaphor
Corresponding Editor:Andrew Parkin

Andrew Parkin, Introduction
Barry Asker, “Metaphor to Metamorphosis: From Homer to Kafka, Bulgakov, Malamud, and Darrieussecq”
Daniela Carpi, “Antonia Byatt’s Fairy Tales as Metaphors of the Artistic Act”
Richard Corballis, “Drama and Metaphor: A Resilient Pair, Impervious to the Forces of Film, Postmodernism, Directorial Conceptions, and Other Nuisances”
Peter Crisp, “Allegory, Parable, Memory, and the Expression of Metaphor”
John J. Deeney, “The Religious Myth of Perfect Metaphor”
Costanza del Rio, “Metaphors of (Un)truth: Figuring the Past in Seamus Deane’s Reading in the Dark”
John Girling, “Oe’s Somersault: An Extended Metaphor (A Modern Morality in Four Acts)”
Véronique Béghain, “Metaphor and Community in Nixon in China by John Adams and Alice Goodman”
Charles A. Laughlin, “Smoking as a Socially Symbolic Act: Essays of the Analects (Lunyu) Group in the 1930s”
Jack Stewart, “‘Living Metaphor’ in Still Life”
Andrew Parkin, “Metaphor and Presence”
Cecile Chu-Chin Sun, “When Metaphor is not Metaphor: The Chinese Counterpart to Western Metaphor in Lyric Poetry”
Kwok-Kan Tam, “Bilingual Metaphor in Hong Kong and Singapore Writing”
Graham Trengove, “A Note on Metaphor as a Normal Resource of Language”

General Section

Jack Stewart, “Art and Ekphrasis in Andrew Parkin’s Poetry

Three book reviews




Volume 10

Edited by

Rüdiger Ahrens and Klaus Stierstorfer


ISBN-10: 0-404-63570-9

ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63570-1

Cloth $157.50


Special Focus: Propaganda

Corresponding Editor: Renée Dickason

Renée Dickason, Introduction
John Corner, Mediated Politics, Promotional Culture and the Idea of “Propaganda”
Simon Goldsworthy, Aren’t One’s Parents Embarrassing? Public Relations and Internal Communications and Their Troubled Relationship with Propaganda
Renée Dickason, The BBC, Propaganda and Government: From the Falklands War to the Conflicts in the Middle East
Emmanuel Roudaut, Images of Peace, Words for Battle: On Some (Un)intended Aspects of a British Propaganda Film (The Lion Has Wings, 1939)
Jonathan Bignell, Spies, Style and the Cold War: James Bond in the Sixties and Seventies
Sheila Collingwood-Whittick, Not Just Telling Stories: Racial Propaganda in British Imperial and Colonial Australian Literature for Children
Roland Reiter, The Myth of Greatness in American Second World War Propaganda
Antoine Capet, A German Socialist Plea for European Integration in War-torn Europe, 1943: Hilda Monte’s The Unity of Europe
Derek C. Maus, Satirical Subversion of Cold War Propaganda in Yuz Aleshkovsky’s The Hand and Robert Coover’s The Public Burning
Chris Coughran, From Rockwell to Rauschenberg: Propagating the Extraterrestrial Imperative


Cumulative Index, Volumes 1–10

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