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Aspects of Early Music and Performance

“Aspects of Early Music and Performance” by Audrey Ekdahl Davidson draws together 12 essays related to early music.

Here you can read about composers such as Hildegard of Bingen, Palestrina, John Dowland, Henry Lawes and brilliant analyses of anonymously composed pieces, such as the Ludus Danielis from the Beauvais Cathedral in France, the Planctus Mariae from Cividale del Friuli in Italy, and the Roskilde St. John Passion.

The composition also displays Audrey Davidson’s skills as critic of English Renaissance texts. She carefully considered examinations of works by Sir Philip Sidney, George Herbert, and Milton. She also reconsidered the Alma redemptoris mater.

Audrey also writes about practical and theoretical issues related to the performance of early music.

The composition will provide you with important information and fresh insights into early musical tradition and the cultural and religious conditions that influenced it.

Category: General Issues