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News - Part 2

Baseball and the “Sultan of Swat” is a collective memory where Babe Ruth recalls all the greatest American baseball players in 1920s: Red Grange, Johnny Weissmuller, Bobby Jones, Jack Dempsey, Bill Tilden, and Helen Wills Moody. This book gives the truest picture and collects essays, recollections, and testimonials sourced from a conference on the Bambino…

Baseball and the “Sultan of Swat”: Babe Ruth at 100

This page is devoted to the description of the book “Eighteenth-Century Women”. This book contains editions and reviews devoted to the fields of literary, biographical, bibliographical, social, and cultural history. hese publications pay attention to women lived in Great Britain, Europe, the Americas, and the rest of the world. The time frame is the whole…

Eighteenth-Century Women

“Lifewriting Annual: Biographical and Autobiographical Studies” arose from the ashes of Biography and Source Studies, a scholarly journal published from 1994 to 2004 by AMS Press, Inc., New York. In 2005 the editor changed its name and direction and published Volume 1 in 2006. Volume 2 was published in 2008, Volume 3 in 2012, Volume…

Lifewriting Annual: Biographical and Autobiographical Studies

Symbolism – An International Annual of Critical Aesthetics book contains 17 global scholars. The following disciplines such as philosophy, theology, linguistics, literary criticism, art history, ethics are included in this edition. In genera, it contains 12 original essays and 6 book reviews. The following authors (essays) are shown in this book: Shakespeare, John Donne, Ted…

Symbolism – An International Annual of Critical Aesthetics

Emblematica is an Interdisciplinary Journal for Emblem Studies. Managing Editor: David Graham. Editors: Daniel S. Russell, Peter M. Daly, and Michael Bath. This book contains interesting readings and decodings. This information shows that such reading of the early modern world can be still used for scholars.


Dickens Studies Annual include essays on Victorian fiction. It is edited by Stanley Friedman, Edward Guiliano, Anne Humpherys, Natalie McKnight, and Michael Timko. This journal contains articles showing the wide range of Dickens’s interests and talents. Dickens Studies Annual posts much-in-demand pools of other Victorian authors’ studies. The journal is devoted to be of interest…

Dickens Studies Annual

The Eighteenth-Century Novel is edited by Albert J. Rivero and George Justice. This contains perfect essays telling about eighteen century, events and people living and making innovative developments.

The Eighteenth-Century Novel

Series Editor of Readings on Equal Education – Edward P. St. John. Managing Editor – Phyllis Kreger Stillman.

Readings on Equal Education