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French Renaissance Texts in Translation (FRTT)

The French Renaissance Texts in Translation (FRTT) series are scholarly editions that describe quality English translations of Renaissance French texts (c.1480-c.1610). They are edited by Phillip John Usher for AMS Press (New York).

Each volume is a generously annotated translation aimed at an Anglophone audience. It also contains an up-to-date bibliography. These series will be interesting to read not only for specialists but also for students, scholars, teachers, and the general reader.

This book series icnludes very important texts that have never been translated beforeor have no modern translation. For example, here you can find the only selections of Joachim du Bellay, Clément Marot, Hélisenne de Crenne, André Thevet,Etienne Jodelle, and Pierre de Ronsard available in English.

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