Trust Pharmacy -
Online Global Service

Our global pharmacy serves every customer 24/7. Our staff is ready to help you in any health problem.


What is about your online catalog?

We include either branded or generic medications in the online catalog.

How can I order drugs from your website?

Our shopping procedure is simple. First, choose the drug you need. Second, place it into a shopping cart. Thirdly, proceed to the checkout. And then you have to enter your personal data. Your order will be delivered in the stated terms.

Do you require a prescription?

Our online pharmacy provides meds either over-the-counter or prescription. Send us your private prescription using our email.

What shipping rates do you offer?

The shipping fees is dependent on the delivery option, your location, and the drugs you buy. The fee is fixed and is specified in the “Shopping cart”.

Do you ship abroad?

We offer international delivery. Our company provides the service to any corner of the world. The ecxeption is some remote Asian countries.

How do you send orders?

We follow all the aspects of confidentiality. The parcels are sent in non-trasparent wrappers with no label inside.

What if the package is lost, damaged or some items are missing?

In any case, contact our customer care department. They will offer you either a refund or reshipment free of charge.

What shipping options do you have?

At the right moment, our company uses 2 shipping options to bring your parcel: Trackable Courier Service (5 – 9 days) and Airmail service (14 – 21 days). Tracking is available for express delivery only.

What if I still haven’t received my order?

If you choose Express Courier Service, you can track your order through your tracking code. If you chose standard airmail delivery, then it takes 30 business days for your parcels to be brought. If you do not get your parcel within the stated period of time, address our nearest postal office. If they confirm that they have not got the products you have bought, our company will reship your order free of charge or make a refund. In any case, Trust Pharmacy will cope with the problem appeared.

What about your payment options?

Trust Pharmacy accepts the credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, JCB. Every customer may pay for an order with E-Checks, as well.

How can I check order status?

If you choose express delivery, tracking is possible through the ID number. This number is sent to your email at the moment the order is dispensed from our office.