Eighteenth-Century Women

Studies in Their Lives, Work, and Culture

Edited by
Linda Veronika Troost
ISSN 1529-5966
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“A promising addition to cultural studies, literary criticism, the humanities and social sciences, the applied sciences, and, of course, to women’s studies. Linda Troost’s enlightened periodical reveals the pleasing diversity of pursuits which has drawn so many of us into the eighteenth century…”
—Beverly Schneller, The East-Central Intelligencer

Eighteenth-Century Women publishes articles and book reviews in the fields of literary, biographical, bibliographical, social, and cultural history. It focuses on women in Great Britain, Europe, the Americas, and the rest of the world during the “long” eighteenth century, extending roughly from the restoration of the English monarchy (1660) to the death of Jane Austen (1817).

The journal aims to be a record of women’s lives and accomplishments, not only as essayists, novelists, playwrights, poets, translators, pamphleteers, letter-writers, and journalists, but also as mothers, wives, daughters, queens, princesses, reformers, business owners, educators, socialites, ladies of the manor, ladies of the night, intellectuals, natural philosophers, travelers, theater managers, actresses, musicians, artists, artisans, consumers, arbiters of taste, and promoters of fads, fashions, and morals.

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Volume 6
September 2011
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Editor’s Preface

Emily Bowles, “Faults of a female pen? Reading the Traces of Embodiment, Authority, and Misogyny in Margaret Cavendish’s Handwritten Words”
Charles Haskell Hinnant, “Pleasure and Virture: The Construction of Female Beauty in the Restoration Court Portrait”
Anne F. Widmayer, “Aphra Behn’s Dramatic Techniques in Oroonoko: Characterizing the ‘Other’”
Earla Wilputte, “Eliza Haywood’s Poems on Several Occasions: Aaron Hill, Writing, and the Sublime”
Nicolle Jordan, “From Pastoral to Georgic: Modes of Negotiating Social Mobility in Elizabeth Montagu’s Correspondence”
Heidi Pierce, “Revising Eighteenth-Century Education: Sarah Scott’s Sir George Ellison”
Marijn S. Kaplan, “Marriage as Feminist Utopia: Riccoboni’s ‘Lettre de Madame la marquise d’Artigues à sa soeur’ (1785)”
Judith W. Fisher, “Through Others’ Eyes: Representations of Actresses in Eighteenth-Century Drama”
Whitney Helms, “Appropriating Maternal Authority and Politicizing the Domestic: Anna Barbauld and Children’s Literature”
Kathryn Ready, “Mind versus Matter: Anna Barbauld and the ‘Kindred Arts’ of Painting and Poetry”
Isabelle C. DeMarte, “Woman, Aspiring Playwright, Litigating Proprietor,and Widow: The Figures of Speech in de Olympe de Gouges’s Preface to Le marriage inattendu de Chérubin”
Kimi Cunningham Grant, “The Language of Possession, The Possession of Language: Rhetoric and Seduction in Lamb’s Glenarvon”

Book Reviews

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