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Eighteenth-Century Women

This page is devoted to the description of the book “Eighteenth-Century Women”. This book contains editions and reviews devoted to the fields of literary, biographical, bibliographical, social, and cultural history. hese publications pay attention to women lived in Great Britain, Europe, the Americas, and the rest of the world. The time frame is the whole eighteenth century. It includes the events from the restoration of the English monarchy in 1660 to the death of Jane Austen in 1817.

The book’s main aim is to record women’s lives and accomplishments. These achievements are related not only to the women as essayists, novelists, playwrights, poets, translators, pamphleteers, letter-writers, and journalists, but also as mothers, wives, daughters, queens, princesses, reformers, business owners, educators, socialites, ladies of the manor, ladies of the night, intellectuals, natural philosophers, travelers, theater managers, actresses, musicians, artists, artisans, consumers, arbiters of taste, and promoters of fads, fashions, and morals.

The book is published and edited by Olivier Bernier. He was born in Hartford, Connecticut. His parents are French. He has graduated from the École Alsacienne and the Lycée Henri IV in Paris. He was receiving his baccalaureate in 1958 and a B.A. from Harvard College in 1962.

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