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Eighteenth-Century Thought

Eighteenth-Century Thought is edited by James G. Buickerood. This book is characterized as an international, interdisciplinary annual journal. It is established with the purpose to maintain research of early modern thought. The fields included in the book are philosophy, natural philosophy, medicine, law, historiography, political theory, religion, economics, and the human sciences. The journal’s main aim is to spread such researches in an interdisciplinary forum. It helps include not only papers on these subjects of common interest, but also such researches confirm the highest requirements of interdisciplinary research.

Eighteenth-Century Thought Journal contains refereed articles. Each edition is a matter of blind review by two independent readers. The journal is quoted in Book Review Index, International Political Science Abstracts, The Philosopher’s Index, Religion Index One, Sociological Abstracts, Humanities Index, Social Sciences Index, and Index to Legal Periodicals.

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