Dance: Current Selected Research

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Volume 1 (1989), ISBN-10: 0-404-63851-1, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63851-1

Mary Alice Brennan, “The Relationship between Creative Ability in Dance, Cognitive Style, and Creative Attributes”
Inez Ferraco, “The Effects of Running on the Degree of Hip Flexion: Implications for Dancers”
James M. Gudgeon, Patricia A. Eisenman, Steve Johnson, and Barbara Hamblin, “Relationships among Physique, Body Composition, and Performance Characteristics of Preprofessional, Female Collegiate Ballet Dancers”
Grace Goc Karp & Diane B. Walker, “An Exploratory Study of the Relationship of Hemispheric Preferences on Instructional Styles of Dance Educators”
Lela June Stoner, Nadine Jette, and Jacqueline Shick, “Effects of a Limited Practice on Balancing Performance of Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Modern Dancers”
Bille Lepczyk, “Martha Graham’s Movement Invention Viewed through Laban Analysis”
Susan A. Lee, “Retirement and the Professional Ballet Dancer at Age 30: Women at a Turning Point”
Dianne S. Howe, “Parallel Visions: Mary Wigman and the German Expressionists”
Elyn Feldman, “Banjo—Cunningham’s lost ‘American’ piece”
Diane M. Turner, “Anna Halprin: An Artist and an Influence”
Nancy BrooksSchmitz, “Catherine Littlefield and Anna Sokolow: Artists Reflecting Society in the 1930s”
Judith B. Alter, “Counting Words Can Supplement Traditional Methods of Textual Analysis of Dance Philosophy”
Wilhelmina O. Sarai-Clark, “A Philosophy of Dance as Art for Non-Philosophers”
Penelope Hanstein, “On Speaking to the Audience without Words: Is Dance a Language?”
Thomas F. Johnston, “The Integrative Role of Dance in Shangana-Tsonga Social Institutions”
Susan V. Cashion, “Educating the Dancer in Cuba”
Irini Nadel Rockwell, “Dance: Creative Process from a Contemplative Point of View ”
Madeleine Lord, “Dance Teaching Research: A Progress Report”
Judith Lynne Hanna, “The Anthropology of Dance”
Susan L. Puretz, “The Psychology of Dance: A Research Review”

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Volume 2 (1990), ISBN-10: 0-404-63852-X, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63852-8

Lynne Matluck Brooks, “Dancing Masters in Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia”
Vera Lundahl, “A Retrospective of Dance as Viewed by the Writers of Dance Magazine and Dance Observer between 1926–1934”
Mark Wheeler, “New Dance in a New Deal Era”
Lisa Jo Sagolla, “The Influence of Modern Dance on American Musical Theatre Choreography of the 1940s”
Judith Alter, “Performing Arts Students: Their Creative Potential, Preference for High Energy Activities, and Personality Characteristics: An Analysis of Variance”
Nancy H. Moses, “The Effects of Movement Notation on the Performance Cognitions and Attitudes of Beginning Ballet Students at the College Level”
Judith Lynne Hanna, “Advertising with Dance: Body, Sex, and Gender”
Thomas F. Johnston, “An Historical Survey of the Yupik Inviting-In Dance”
Thomas F. Johnston, “Context Meaning and Function in Inupiaq Dance”
Susan L. Puretz, “Dance-Movement Therapy: A Review and Analysis of the Literature”

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Volume 3 (1992), ISBN-10: 0-404-63853-8, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63853-5

Sandra R. Weeks, “Anne Schley Duggan: Portrait of a Dance Educator”
Christalia O. Volaitis, “A Look at Dance in Higher Education in the 1920s, 1940s, and 1986–87”
Nancy BrooksSchmitz, “Influences Affecting K–8 Dance Education in the United States: 1950–1980”
Sheryl Popkin Triebe, “Erick Hawkins: A New Perspective”
Lynnette Young Overby, “A Comparison of Novice and Experienced Dancers’ Body Awareness”
Sandra Minton and Jeffrey Steffen, “The Development of a Spatial Kinesthetic Awareness Measuring Instrument for Use with Beginning Dance Students”
A. Brian Nielsen, Marnie E. Rutledge, and Dorothy J. Harris, “Attitudes Toward Dance Among Students Entering University Physical Education Programs”
Nelson D. Neal and Sylvie Fortin, “Domain Discrimination in Dance Attitude Research”
Billie Lepczyk, “Toward a Quantitative Analysis of Classic Ballet: The Upper Body Technique Viewed through Choreutics”
Betsey Goodling Gibbons, “A Prismatic Approach to the Analysis of Style in Dance”
Robert W. Nicholls, “Timing in West African Dance Performance: The Influence of Extramusical Factors on Rhythm”
Thomas F. Johnston, “The Social Role of Alaska Athabascan Potlatch Dancing”
Thomas F. Johnston, “The Ceremonial Roots of Tlingit Dance”

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Volume 4 (2000), ISBN-10: 0-404-63854-6, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63854-2

Christine Hanrahan, “Performance Psychology for Dancers: Overview and Future Trends”
Lynnette Young Overby, “The Relationship of Dance Training to the Body Image: A Review of Literature”
Jennifer Predock and Samuel Roll, “An Exploration of Improvisational and Psychological Techniques to Facilitate the Use of Personal Themes in Choreography”
Nancy BrooksSchmitz, Dianne Mazzulla, and Janyce Hyatt, “Young Talent Case Study: An Analysis of the Effect of Arts-in-Education Programming on the Motivation, Academic Performance, and Personal Development of Inner City Youth Involved in the Young Talent Program”
Beverly J. Allen, “The Effect of Dance/Movement Education on the Self-Concept of Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Developmentally Handicapped Students”
Madeline Lord and Ray McDermott, “How a Teacher and Her Students Successfully Accomplish a Creative Dance Task in a Natural Teaching Situation”
Alice Block, “Duncan and Nijinsky: A Comparative Study of the Apollonian and Dionysian Elements in Their Work”
Dianne S. Howe, “Mary Wigman: One Artist’s Definition of Dance”
Julie A. Kerr, “Katherine Dunham and the African Basis of American Modern Dance: A Parallel Between Forms”
Vera Lundahl, “Alwin Nikolais, the Person and the Genius: As Viewed by Writers and Critics Throughout the Last Half Century”
Judy Alter, “A Teacher’s Teacher: Mary Beegle and Her Theory of Dance”
Billie Lepczyk, “A Contrastive Study of Movement Style in Dance through the Laban Perspective”
Urmimala Sarkar, “‘Chhau’ performance at Nimdih and Its Social Context”
Susan Lee, “Qualitative Methods and Dance Science: Researching the Dancer’s Experience”
Lynn Matluck Brooks, “Choreographics: A Focus for Dance History Research”

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Volume 5 (2005), ISBN-10: 0-404-63855-4, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63855-9

Susan W. Stinson, “Teaching Ethical Decision-Making to Prospective Dance Educators: An Action Research Project”
Mila Parrish, “Digital Improvisation: Interactive Multimedia for Dance Education”
Karen E. Bond and Byron Richard, “‘Ladies and Gentlemen: What Do You See? What Do You Feel?’ A Story of Connected Curriculum in a Third-Grade Dance Education Setting”
Diane B. McGhee, “The Etudes Project: Inspiring Innovations for Dance Education”
Michele Root-Bernstein and Robert Root-Bernstein, “Body Thinking Beyond Dance”
Judith Lynne Hanna, “Body Language and Learning: Insights for K–12 Education”
Lynnette Young Overby, “The Voices of Teachers: The Impact of Professional Development on the Interdisciplinary Teaching of Dance”
Theresa Purcell Cone, “Dancing Out Loud: Children’s Use of Language while Creating Dances”
Jill Green, “Kinetic Awareness Pedagogy: Elaine Summers and Second-Generation Practitioners”
Mila Parrish, “Kinetic Literacy: Motif Writing in K–5 Dance Education”

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Volume 6 (2007), ISBN-10: 0-404-63856-2, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63856-6

Alba Pedreira Vieira, “The Educational Perspective of Professors in a Dance Teaching Preparation Program: A Case Study at the Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil”
Alice Bloch, “Apollo, Dionysus: And/Or? A Study of the Apollonian and Dionysian Elements in the Work of Isadora Duncan and Vaslav Nijinsky”
Margaret Musmon, Laurie Milliken, and Ann Marie Gallo, “The Triangle Assessment Project (TAP)”
Paulette Côté and Susan Street, “Students’ Perception of the Role of an Internship in Dance Teacher Preparation for Hong Kong Secondary Schools”
Miriam Giguere, “Shared Symbols: An Investigation into the Symbols Conveyed Through Dance and Sculpture”
Rebekah J. Kowal, “Visible Difference: Modern Dance and the Representation of Gender in Postwar America”
Karen E. Bond, Monica Cameron Frichtel, and Hannah Park, “Who Am I? Who Are We? Children Perform Identity, Difference, and Community in an Intergenerational Dance Setting”
Doug Risner, “Dance Education in Social and Cultural Perspective”

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Volume 7 (2009), ISBN-10: 0-404-63857-0, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63857-3

Lynette Young Overby, “Introduction: Dance: Current Selected Research: A Retrospective”
Ciane Fernandes, “Aesthetics and Healing: Authentic Movement in Dance-Theater Composition”
Teresa L. Heiland, “Constructionist Dance Literacy: Unleashing the Potential of Motif Notation”
Becky Dyer, “Increasing Psychosomatic Understanding through Laban Movement Analysis and Somatic-Oriented Frameworks: Connections of Performance Processes to Knowledge Construction”
Billie Lepczyk, “The Seven Movements of Dancing Viewed through Laban Movement Analysis”
Martha Eddy, “The Role of Dance in Violence Prevention Programs for Youth”
Mila Parrish, “Enhancing Accessibility: Interactive Gateway Creating Online Curriculum for Dance Education”
Douglas Risner, “Dancing Boys Lives: A Study of Male Participation in Pre-Professional Dance Training and Education in the United States”
Alba Vieira, “The Movements of Traditional and Transgressive Dance Teaching in Brazilian Higher Education: A Case Study”
Becky Dyer, “Finding Self, Honoring Learners: Sociopolitical Reflections on the Teaching of American Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory”
Sandra Stratton-Gonzalez, “The Impact of Participation in the Creative Dance Clubs on the Social, Personal, and Cognitive Growth of Fourth- and Fifth-Grade Students at PS 722”

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