Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Annual: Global Perspectives

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formerly Police and Law Enforcement

Larry E. Sullivan, John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the
City University of New York

Associate Editor
Dana Greene, New Mexico State University

ISSN 0092-8933
Set ISBN 978-0-404-11199-1

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Annual: Global Perspectives (CJLE) is a peer-reviewed annual publishing current interdisciplinary research on a wide array of vital international subjects related to criminal justice systems. We seek to publish:

  • broad creative analyses of criminal justice systems or system components;
  • articles and treatises on power, social theory, and the apparatuses of crime and punishment;
  • comparative examinations;
  • explorations of the intersection/s between criminal justice systems and other social, political, or economic structures;
  • interdisciplinary and paradigm-challenging new work.

Articles in CJLE take advantage of the broader perspective that annual publication provides by tackling large interpretative questions, offering synthetic analyses of major methodologies, or considering new theoretical approaches to criminal justice studies in the widest and most international sense.

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Volume 7
(NS Vol. 2)


Michelle S. Phelps, The Curious Disappearance of Sociological Research on Probation Supervision
Thaddeus Blanchette, Gregory Mitchell, and Laura Murray, Discretionary Policing, or the Lesser Part of Valor: Prostitution, Law Enforcement, and Unregulated Regulation in Rio de Janeiro’s Sexual Economy
Ann Marie Kavanaugh, Jennifer E. Loveland, and Chitra Raghavan, Male Rape in Men Who Have Sex with Men: Help-Seeking and Social Support Resources
Dana Greene, La Frontera: A View from New Mexico’s Carceral Borderland
Chelsea Binns, Cyber Crime in the United States and Japan: Does a Money Mule’s Criminal Intent Influence Law Enforcement Response?
Marie-Helen Maras, Combating Cybercrime: Dealing With Barriers to International Investigations and Enforcement in Cyberspace
Dulcinea M. Lara and Carlos E. Posadas, Display of the “Criminal Other”: A Field Trip to the National Border Patrol Museum
Karen Okamoto, Crime in Canada: A Bibliography

Volume 6
(NS Vol. 1)
Vol. 6 (NS Vol. 1) ISBN 978-0-404-62806-2


Larry E. Sullivan, Theoretical Introduction to the Series
Barry Latzer, Revolution or Rampage? Revisiting the Race Riots of the 1960s
Elaine Carey, Maria Wendt and the Making of Transnational Narcotics Investigations
Jeffrey A. Kroessler, Urban Terrorism in New York City from the 1960s through to the 1980s
Elizabeth C. Bartels, British Response to Terror during the Mandate of Palestine, 1920–1948
Keramet Reiter, Punitive Contrasts: United States versus Denmark—A Socio-Legal Comparison of Two Prison Systems
Mitch Librett and Rainer Kroll, Policing Narcotics: An Ethnographic Comparison of Uniform and Plainclothes Drug Enforcement Activities
Zbigniew Lasocik, Human Trafficking in Poland—Evolution of the Devil
Andrae M. Marak, Just Say No to Drugs: Mexico’s War on Alcohol in Ciudad Juárez during Prohibition
Michelle D. Miranda, Tattoo Ink: Chemistry, Culture, and Criminal Investigations
Ellen Sexton, Resources in English on the Criminal Justice System of the People’s Republic of China
Maria Kiriakova, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement in Russia and New Post-Soviet States: A Bibliography of English-Language Materials (1991–2012)

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Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Annual: Global Perspectives
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Police and Law Enforcement
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Police and Law Enforcement
Vol. 2: 1973–1974
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Police and Law Enforcement
Vol. 5: 1985
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and Daniel B. Kennedy
978-0-404-62805-5 1988 $67.50
Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement
Vol. 6 (NS Vol. 1)
Ed. Larry E. Sullivan
Assoc. Eds.
Staci Strobl and
Dana Greene
978-0-404-62806-2 2014 $145.00

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