British Ideas and Issues 1660–1820: A Series of Reprinted Books and Pamphlets

General Editor: Alexander Pettit, University of North Texas

ISSN: 1092-9150, Series ISBN: 0-404-59650-9

No. 1: Alexander Pettit, Editor, Walpole’s Friends and Foes.

John, Lord Hervey, “To the Patrons of the Craftsman” (1731) and William Yonge, “Sedition and Defamation Display’d” (1731)
LC 97-10016, ISBN-10: 0-404-59651-7, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-59651-4. Paper Price: $24.50.


No. 2: H. T. Dickinson, Editor, Walpole’s Friends and Foes.

William Pulteney, “A Proper Reply to a Late Scurrilous Libel intitled Sedition and Defamation Display’d” (1731)
LC 97-42766, ISBN-10: 0-404-59652-5, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-59652-1. Paper Price: $24.50.


Nos. 3–6: Kevin L. Cope, Editor, Above the Age of Reason: Miracles and Wonders in the Long Eighteenth Century.

Works by Matthew Smith, Toussaint Bridoul, Thomas Sherlock, and Thomas Woolston.
LC 2004049443, ISBN-10: 0-404-59653-3, ISBN-13: 978-0-404-59656-8.
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