1650–1850 Ideas, Æsthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era

Kevin L. Cop
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“. . . belongs in the library of every university that takes the study of the Enlightenment seriously.”

—The East-Central Intelligencer

“Its contents remain delightfully eclectic.”

—Devoney Looser, Studies in English Literature, 1500–1900, on volume 17

1650–1850: Ideas, Æsthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era takes a focused but multidisciplinary approach to the “long eighteenth century,” the two hundred years during which the writers and artists explored, developed, and represented a complex program of modernization or “Enlightenment.” Covering a period that begins with the revolutionary thought of Thomas Hobbes and the surprising establishment of a Commonwealth government and that ends with the careers of William Wordsworth and Lord Byron, 1650–1850 publishes essays treating the aesthetic and philosophical side of this period of deep social transformation. This annual includes studies on the literature, philosophy, theology, art, music, architecture, and personalities of the period. It publishes many essays on British topics but also includes studies from various cultures, from Vietnam and Romania to Peru and the arctic. It seeks to discover connections among the various arts and intellectual pursuits and also to provide a venue for specialized studies not suitable for less experimental journals. 1650–1850 always includes fifteen to twenty extended reviews, reviews that examine major scholarly studies and editions in detail and with robust honesty.


Volume 23

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Special Issue

When Motion Mattered

Essays on the Moving Eighteenth Century

List of Illustrations


Part I

Motion: The Genre

Helene Dachez and Allan Ingram, Moving Letters in Eighteenth-Century Epistolary Writing: Arrivals and Departures

Julien Morel, Picturesque Movement in Ann Radcliffe’s Novels

Sonja Fielitz, Stability Turned into Motion: Erasmus Darwin’s Recourse to Ovid’s Metamorphoses

Part II
Poetry in Motion

Bill Overton, Motion in (Eighteenth-Century) Poetry

Michael Szczekalla, Kinetic Metaphors in Alexander Pope’s Rape of the Lock, Essay on Man, and The Dunciad

Part III

Styles of Motion

Kevin L. Cope, Drifting: Unguided or Involuntary Motion and the Enlightenment Sense of Direction

Allan Ingram and Helene Dachez, Turning Round or Standing Still: Movement and Stasis in Defoe, Pope, and Sterne

Part IV

Educational Movements

Kevin J. Hayes, Thomas Jefferson, Travel Writer

Elisabeth Martichou, Traveling to Rome for Artistic Purposes: The Theoretical Background in Eighteenth-Century France and Britain
Esther F. Sommer, Swift’s Concept of Physical Exercise: The Gravel Path to Human Perfection

Part V


Gerald J. Butler, The Creative Cost of Jane Austen’s Move to Bath

Maryam Ghabris, Yorick and Lovelace: Physical Manifestations and Internal E-motions

Part VI

Sociable Mobility

Mascha Hansen, Social Mobility and Personal Displacement: Queen Charlotte between England and Germany

Kenneth J. Cozens, Eighteenth-Century Merchant Circles in London’s Wapping: Peter Thelluson, Maritime Trade, and the Global Movement of Money

Barbel Czennia, Cook’s Ark: Animals on the Move in the Service of Empires


Volume 22August 2015
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Cloth $183.50


List of Illustrations

Heidi Laudien, Birthing the Poet: Elizabeth Singer Rowe and the Athenian Mercury

Brett C. McInelly, Fighting Fire with Fire: Anti-Methodist Exaggeration in Samuel Foote and William Hogarth

John Knapp, Akenside’s Hymn to the Naiads and the Turn from the Ode

Juliette Paul, Satanic Devotions: The Prayers of Robert Lovelace in Samuel Richardson’s Clarissa

Robert G. Walker, Fugitive Allusions in Boswell in Search of a Wife, or The Charming Mr. Boswell

Michael Rotenberg-Schwartz, Religious Exchanges: Solomon’s Temple, Holy Land Travel, and a Georgics of Sacred Space in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century English Writing

Special Feature

Paper, Ink, and Achievement: Gabriel Hornstein

Special Feature Note

J.T. Scanlan, Three Bibliopoles

Cedric D. Reverand II, The Unending Dunciad: Pope’s Weird Revenge

Special Feature

Sustaining the Eighteenth Century

Edited and Introduced by Samara Anne Cahill

Samara Anne Cahill, Sustaining the Eighteenth Century?

Malcolm Jack, The Arabian Nights and the Oriental Tale: Sustainable Enlightenment Texts

Erin Drew, “Iron War” as “Daily Care”: Sustainability and the Dialectic of Care in Dryden’s Georgics

Chee Meng Wong, Shadows of a Dream: Gender Roles in Qing Literature as Seen in Gu Taiqing’s Sequel to A Dream of Red Mansions

Alexandra Cook, An Eighteenth-Century Plea for Sustainable Forestry: Ostervald’s Description des montagnes & vallées du pays de Neuchâtel (1764)

Marlon Pareja, Sher Li Ong, Michelle Merrill, and Samara Anne Cahill, ““Go not far to dine”: Pedagogical Approaches to Sustainable Consumption in the Eighteenth-Century Studies Classroom and Beyond

Kevin L. Cope, Permanent Markers: The Monumental, the Mobile, and the Sustainable in Enlightened Eras

Research Report

James E. May, Archiving The Eighteenth-Century Intelligencer

Book Reviews

Editor’s Note
Gregory Lynall: Ashley Marshall, The Practice of Satire in England, 1658–1770

Kevin Seidel: Howard D. Weinbrot, Literature, Religion, and the Evolution of Culture, 1660–1780

Christopher D. Johnson: Bärbel Czennia, ed., Celebrity: The Idiom of a Modern Era

Carole Paul: Rochelle Ziskin, Sheltering Art: Collecting and Social Identity in Early Eighteenth-Century Paris

Ann Campbell: Laura E. Thomason, The Matrimonial Trap: Eighteenth-Century Women Writers Redefine Marriage

Alfred Lutz: John P. Zomchick and George S. Rousseau, ed., The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle by Tobias Smollett

Mark Darlow: David Charlton, Opera in the Age of Rousseau: Music, Confrontation, Realism

David Sigler: Jasper Cragwall, Lake Methodism: Polite Literature and Popular Religion in England, 1780–1830

Laura Engel: Janine Barchas, Matters of Fact in Jane Austen: History, Location, and Celebrity

Theresa M. Kelley: Mark Canuel, Justice, Dissent, and the Sublime

Thomas H. Schmid: Nicholas Mason, Literary Advertising and the Shaping of British Romanticism

Andrew O’Malley: Ann Wierda Rowland, Romanticism and Childhood: The Infantilization of British Literary Culture


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