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Third Series, Vol. X

Studies in Medieval and
Renaissance History

Third Series

Third Series edited by
Roger Dahood and Peter E. Medine
ISSN 0081-8224
Set ISBN-10: 0-404-64550-X / Set ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64550-2

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, with a tradition of scholarly excellence established in 27 previous annual issues, springs forward under the auspices of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Its new editors will preserve the journal's high quality in all aspects of medieval and early-modern history and, to that end, invite contributions that treat the history of any theme during the chronological period 400–1700. SMRH provides an ideal venue for the presentation of scholarship that sometimes falls outside the purview of other scholarly journals. Translations, commentaries on texts, and articles too long for similar publications are welcomed in SMRH.

Detailed information regarding submission policies may be found here.

Click here for contents to Third Series, Volumes I–VIII.
Third Series, Volume X

2013 (NYP)
ISBN-10: 0-404-64560-7
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64560-1
Cloth $167.00

Katherine Allen Smith, “Glossing the Holy War: Exegetical Constructions of the First Crusade, c. 1095–c. 1146”
Rebecca Rist, “From ‘Sicut’ to ‘Turbato’ Again: ‘Papal Policy’ toward Jews in the Central Middle Ages: The Evidence Revisited”
John N. Crossley, “Old-fashioned versus Newfangled: Reading and Writing Numbers, 1200–1500”
Donald J. Kagay, “Disposable Alliances: Aragon and Castile during the War of the Two Pedros and Beyond”
Iva Olah, “Demons and Mages in Renaissance Florence: Ficinian Neoplatonic Magic and Lorenzo de’ Medici”
Robert Finlay, “The Altar Cloth of the Doge: Piety, Pride, and Politics in Renaissance Venice”
Tom Flanigan, “For ‘such as desire to . . . taste . . .so ravishing a Sweet Science’: Self-Help Lute Books in Early Modern England”


Volumes Available to Order

Volume ISBN-10 ISBN-13 Pub. Date Price
[Old Series, Vol. XI]
0-404-62851-6 978-0-404-62851-2 1978 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XII]
0-404-62852-4 978-0-404-62852-9 1979 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XIII]
0-404-62853-2 978-0-404-62853-6 1980 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XIV]
0-404-62854-0 978-0-404-62854-3 1981 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XV]
0-404-62855-9 978-0-404-62855-0 1982 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XVI]
0-404-62856-7 978-0-404-62856-7 1983 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XVII]
0-404-62857-5 978-0-404-62857-4 1985 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XVIII]
0-404-62858-3 978-0-404-62858-1 1986 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XIX]
0-404-62859-1 978-0-404-62859-8 1987 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XX]
0-404-62860-5 978-0-404-62860-4 1988 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XXI]
0-404-62861-3 978-0-404-62861-1 1989 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XXII]
0-404-62862-1 978-0-404-62862-8 1991 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol.XXIII]
0-404-62863-X 978-0-404-62863-5 1992 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XXIV]
0-404-62864-8 978-0-404-62864-2 1993 $167.00
[Old Series, Vol. XXV]
0-404-62865-6 978-0-404-62865-9 (NYP) $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. I:
The Medieval Reader
[Old Series, Vol. XXVI]
[New Series, Vol. XVI]
0-404-64551-8 978-0-404-64551-9 12/2001 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. II:
Sexuality and Culture
in Medieval and
Renaissance Europe
[Old Series, Vol. XXVII]
[New Series, Vol. XVII]
0-404-64552-6 978-0-404-64553-3 03/2005 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. III:
Nation, Ethnicity, and
Identity in Medieval
and Renaissance Europe
[Old Series, Vol. XXVIII]
[New Series, Vol. XVIII]
0-404-64553-4 978-0-404-64553-3 08/2006 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. IV
[Old Series, Vol. XXIX]
[New Series, Vol. XIX]
0-404-64554-2 978-0-404-64554-0 12/2007 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. V
[Old Series, Vol. XXX]
[New Series, Vol. XX]
0-404-64555-0 978-0-404-64555-7 05/2008 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. VI
[Old Series, Vol. XXXI]
[New Series, Vol. XXI]
0-404-64556-9 978-0-404-64556-4 03/2009 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. VII
[Old Series, Vol. XXXII]
[New Series, Vol. XXII]
0-404-64557-7 978-0-404-64557-1 03/2010 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. VIII
[Old Series, Vol. XXXIII]
[New Series, Vol. XXIII]
0-404-64558-5 978-0-404-64558-8 09/2011 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. IX
[Old Series, Vol. XXXIV]
[New Series, Vol. XXIV]
0-404-64559-3 978-0-404-64559-5 12/2012 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. X
[Old Series, Vol. XXXV]
[New Series, Vol. XXV]
0-404-64560-7 978-0-404-64560-1 11/2013 $167.00
3rd Series, Vol. X
[Old Series, Vol. XXXV]
[New Series, Vol. XXV]
0-404-64561-5 978-0-404-64561-8 Due: 2014 $167.00