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Third Series, Vol. XI

Studies in Medieval and
Renaissance History

Third Series

Third Series edited by
Cynthia Kosso and Anne Marie Scott
ISSN 0081-8224
Set ISBN-10: 0-404-64561-5 / Set ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64561-8

Studies in Medieval and Renaissance History, with a tradition of scholarly excellence established in 27 previous annual issues, springs forward under the auspices of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Its new editors will preserve the journal's high quality in all aspects of medieval and early-modern history and, to that end, invite contributions that treat the history of any theme during the chronological period 400–1700. SMRH provides an ideal venue for the presentation of scholarship that sometimes falls outside the purview of other scholarly journals. Translations, commentaries on texts, and articles too long for similar publications are welcomed in SMRH.

Detailed information regarding submission policies may be found here.

Click here for contents to Third Series, Volumes I–X.
Third Series, Volume XII

ISBN-10: 0-404-64562-3
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64562-5
Cloth $182.50

Bernard S. Bachrach, “Charlemagne’s Expeditionary Levy: Observations Regarding Liberi Homines
David M. Yorath, “Disorder and Lawlessness in Fifteenth Century England: A Cornish Case Study”
Linda Ehrsam Voigts and Ann Payne, “Medicine for a Great Household (ca. 1500): Berkeley Castle Muniments Select Book 89”
Paul Hartle, “‘It's Good to Talk: Conversations Between Gods, Men and Beasts in Early Modern English Versions of Lucian's “Dialogues”’”
Third Series, Volume XI

ISBN-10: 0-404-64561-5
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64561-8
Cloth $182.50

M. Teresa Tavormina, “Uroscopy in Middle English: A Guide to Texts and Manuscripts”
Sean L. Field, “Paris to Rome and Back Again: The Nuns of Longchamp and Leo X's 1521 Bull Piis Omnium
Simon J. G. Burton, “Between Aristotle and Augustine: Peter Martyr Vermigli and the Development of Protestant Ethics”
Christina M. Carlson, “‘And I Openly Profes Myself/ of the Arminian Sect’: Arminianism in Sir John van Oldenbarnavelt (1619) and Two Seventeenth Century English Political Prints, ca. 1628–41”
Paul Hartle, “‘It's Good to Talk: Conversations Between Gods, Men and Beasts in Early Modern English Versions of Lucian's “Dialogues”’” Full article available here
. Peter Craft, “Peter Heylyn's Seventeenth-Century English Worldview”
Christopher Carlsmith, “Diamond Jubilee: A History of the New England Renaissance Conference, 1939–2014”


Volumes Available to Order

Volume ISBN-10 ISBN-13 Pub. Date Price
[Old Series, Vol. XI]
0-404-62851-6 978-0-404-62851-2 1978 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XII]
0-404-62852-4 978-0-404-62852-9 1979 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XIII]
0-404-62853-2 978-0-404-62853-6 1980 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XIV]
0-404-62854-0 978-0-404-62854-3 1981 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XV]
0-404-62855-9 978-0-404-62855-0 1982 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XVI]
0-404-62856-7 978-0-404-62856-7 1983 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XVII]
0-404-62857-5 978-0-404-62857-4 1985 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XVIII]
0-404-62858-3 978-0-404-62858-1 1986 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XIX]
0-404-62859-1 978-0-404-62859-8 1987 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XX]
0-404-62860-5 978-0-404-62860-4 1988 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XXI]
0-404-62861-3 978-0-404-62861-1 1989 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XXII]
0-404-62862-1 978-0-404-62862-8 1991 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol.XXIII]
0-404-62863-X 978-0-404-62863-5 1992 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XXIV]
0-404-62864-8 978-0-404-62864-2 1993 $182.50
[Old Series, Vol. XXV]
0-404-62865-6 978-0-404-62865-9 (NYP) $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. I:
The Medieval Reader
[Old Series, Vol. XXVI]
[New Series, Vol. XVI]
0-404-64551-8 978-0-404-64551-9 12/2001 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. II:
Sexuality and Culture
in Medieval and
Renaissance Europe
[Old Series, Vol. XXVII]
[New Series, Vol. XVII]
0-404-64552-6 978-0-404-64553-3 03/2005 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. III:
Nation, Ethnicity, and
Identity in Medieval
and Renaissance Europe
[Old Series, Vol. XXVIII]
[New Series, Vol. XVIII]
0-404-64553-4 978-0-404-64553-3 08/2006 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. IV
[Old Series, Vol. XXIX]
[New Series, Vol. XIX]
0-404-64554-2 978-0-404-64554-0 12/2007 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. V
[Old Series, Vol. XXX]
[New Series, Vol. XX]
0-404-64555-0 978-0-404-64555-7 05/2008 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. VI
[Old Series, Vol. XXXI]
[New Series, Vol. XXI]
0-404-64556-9 978-0-404-64556-4 03/2009 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. VII
[Old Series, Vol. XXXII]
[New Series, Vol. XXII]
0-404-64557-7 978-0-404-64557-1 03/2010 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. VIII
[Old Series, Vol. XXXIII]
[New Series, Vol. XXIII]
0-404-64558-5 978-0-404-64558-8 09/2011 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. IX
[Old Series, Vol. XXXIV]
[New Series, Vol. XXIV]
0-404-64559-3 978-0-404-64559-5 12/2012 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. X
[Old Series, Vol. XXXV]
[New Series, Vol. XXV]
0-404-64560-7 978-0-404-64560-1 11/2013 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. XI
[Old Series, Vol. XXXVI]
[New Series, Vol. XXVI]
0-404-64561-5 978-0-404-64561-8 12/2014 $182.50
3rd Series, Vol. XII
[Old Series, Vol. XXXVII]
[New Series, Vol. XXVII]
0-404-64562-3 978-0-404-64562-5 NYP $182.50