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Literature in the Early American Republic

Annual Studies on Cooper and His Contemporaries

Submission Guidelines

Literature in the Early American Republic is an annual, peer-reviewed journal that welcomes a wide range of submissions on the literary culture of the United States from the adoption of the Constitution in 1789 to the death of James Fenimore Cooper in 1851. We also seek submissions addressing (or establishing critical editions of) unpublished archival manuscripts (letters, diaries, poems, and other documents) of cultural or literary relevance to the period. Studies devoted to works by minority figures and other historically underappreciated writers, as well as articles dealing with the works and influence of James Fenimore Cooper, are central to our mission.

Please format essays in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition), especially sections 14.14–67 and the LEAR “House Style Guide.” As all submissions undergo double-anonymous review, the author’s name should appear only on the cover page. An author whose essay is selected for publication will be asked to provide a brief abstract and biographical statement. Whenever available, authors should use as their primary texts those scholarly editions approved by the Modern Language Association Committee on Scholarly Editions. For example, in the case of Cooper, authors should use those editions approved by the “Writings of James Fenimore Cooper” and published by AMS Press and SUNY Press.

We require submissions be made electronically as Microsoft Word documents attached to a single e-mail and sent simultaneously to Prof. Wayne Franklin and Prof. Jason Berger

Please direct inquiries concerning subscriptions to AMS Press, Inc.

Editorial Advisory Board
Stephen Carl Arch, Michigan State University
Allan M. Axelrad, California State University, Fullerton
John Bryant, Hofstra University
David Cody, Hartwick College
Robert Daly, State University of New York, Buffalo
William Merrill Decker, Oklahoma State University
Benjamin F. Fisher, University of Mississippi
Wayne Franklin, University of Connecticut
Kay Seymour House, Emeritus, San Francisco State University
Mark L. Kamrath, University of Central Florida
William P. Kelly, City University of New York
Kent Ljungquist, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Robert D. Madison, United States Naval Academy
Barbara Alice Mann, University of Toledo
John McWilliams, Middlebury College
Dennis Moore, Florida State University
Wesley T. Mott, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
H. Daniel Peck, Vassar College
Leland S. Person, University of Cincinnati
Thomas L. Philbrick, Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh
Judith Richardson, Stanford University
James A. Sappenfield, Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Zabelle Stodola, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
James Wallace, Boston College
Signe O. Wegener, University of Georgia