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Volume 8


Current Selected Research

"For the neophyte researcher, the names of the reviewers and contributors will soon become very familiar. It is quite possible that this and future volumes will show up on reading lists in general dance research courses; for that reason this publication is recommended to undergraduate libraries supporting dance programs."
Choice on Volume 3

Edited by Lynnette Y. Overby and Billie Lepczyk
with the cooperation of
The National Dance Association
ISSN 0894-4849
Set ISBN-10: 0-404-63850-3, Set ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63850-4

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Volume 8

ISBN-10: 0-404-63858-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63858-0

Cloth $125.00

Dance Education
EDWARD C. WARBURTON, “Body Double: The Enactive Approach to Research on Marking in Dance”
MILA L. PARRISH, “Ahead in Air: Active Learning through Aerial Dance”
ALICE BLOCH, “Dancing a Peaceful World: Building Cooperation Skills through Creative Dance”
LISA WILSON, “Nurturing Dancers’ Openness to Embody and Explore Diverse Movement Forms and Dance Techniques in Higher Education: A Critical Reflection”
JANICE LAPOINTE-CRUMP, “Performing Classic Choreography: Achieving Artistic Integrity in Ballet Pedagogy”
ASPASIA DANIA, DIMITRIOS HATZIHARISTOS, MARIA KOUTSOUBA, VASILIKI TYROVOLA, “Validity and Reliability of Scores from a Dance Assessment Instrument: Its Application on Greek Folk Dance”
MELINA SCIALOM, “Embodied Immigration and the Laban Genealogy in Brazil”

ArtsBridge Scholars
LYNNETTE OVERBY, “Student Reflections: The Impact of Dance Integration”
JULIE LUZIER, “Artsbridge: A Creative Journey: Research, Methods, and Data Collection in Interdisciplinary Education Through the Arts”
JENNIFER RYAN, “Math that Moves You: A Study of the Effect of a Dance Integrated Mathematics Curriculum Supplement on the Knowledge and Attitudes of Second Grade Students”

Becoming a Dance Researcher—Journey to Scholarship
K. MICHAEL ROWLEY, “Discovering the Path: Toward a Dance Science Research Career”
COLLEEN HOOPER, “Moving and Becoming: My Journey as a Dance Scholar”

Volume 7

ISBN-10: 0-404-63857-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-63857-3

Cloth $125.00

LYNETTE YOUNG OVERBY, Introduction: Dance: Current Selected Research: A Retrospective

Focus on Movement Analysis
CIANE FERNANDES, “Aesthetics and Healing: Authentic Movement in Dance-Theater Composition”
TERESA L. HEILAND, “Constructionist Dance Literacy: Unleashing the Potential of Motif Notation”
BECKY DYER, “Increasing Psychosomatic Understanding through Laban Movement Analysis and Somatic-Oriented Frameworks: Connections of Performance Processes to Knowledge Construction”
BILLIE LEPCZYK, “The Seven Movements of Dancing Viewed through Laban Movement Analysis”

Dance Education
MARTHA EDDY, “The Role of Dance in Violence Prevention Programs for Youth”
MILA PARRISH, “Enhancing Accessibility: Interactive Gateway Creating Online Curriculum for Dance Education”
DOUGLAS RISNER, “Dancing Boys Lives: A Study of Male Participation in Pre-Professional Dance Training and Education in the United States”
ALBA VIEIRA, “The Movements of Traditional and Transgressive Dance Teaching in Brazilian Higher Education: A Case Study”
BECKY DYER, “Finding Self, Honoring Learners: Sociopolitical Reflections on the Teaching of American Contemporary Dance Technique and Theory”
SANDRA STRATTON-GONZALEZ, “The Impact of Participation in the Creative Dance Clubs on the Social, Personal, and Cognitive Growth of Fourth- and Fifth- Grade Students at PS 722”


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