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Volume 20


Ideas, Æsthetics, and Inquiries
in the Early Modern Era

Kevin L. Cope

Book Review Editor
Scott Paul Gordon

ISSN 1065-3112
Set ISBN-10: 0-404-64400-7
Set ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64400-0

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“. . . belongs in the library of every university that takes the study of the Enlightenment seriously.”

—The East-Central Intelligencer

“Its contents remain delightfully eclectic.”

—Devoney Looser, Studies in English Literature, 1500–1900, on volume 17

1650–1850: Ideas, Æsthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era takes a focused but multidisciplinary approach to the “long eighteenth century,” the two hundred years during which the writers and artists explored, developed, and represented a complex program of modernization or “Enlightenment.” Covering a period that begins with the revolutionary thought of Thomas Hobbes and the surprising establishment of a Commonwealth government and that ends with the careers of William Wordsworth and Lord Byron, 1650–1850 publishes essays treating the aesthetic and philosophical side of this period of deep social transformation. This annual includes studies on the literature, philosophy, theology, art, music, architecture, and personalities of the period. It publishes many essays on British topics but also includes studies from various cultures, from Vietnam and Romania to Peru and the arctic. It seeks to discover connections among the various arts and intellectual pursuits and also to provide a venue for specialized studies not suitable for less experimental journals. 1650–1850 always includes fifteen to twenty extended reviews, reviews that examine major scholarly studies and editions in detail and with robust honesty.

Volume 20
September 2013
ISBN-10: 0-404-64420-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-404-64420-8
Cloth $163.50


List of Illustrations
Foreword from the Editor
A. G. Monaco, Loyalty Oaths: A Reminder from the Enlightenment
Florian Vauleon, Philosophizing the Game: The Morals of Chess in Diderot's Rameau's Nephew
Ashley Marshall, Swift and Temple
Murray L. Brown, Marketing the “Good Man”: Sir Charles Grandison and the Clementinas
Norbert Col, Burke's Target in A Vindication of Natural Society: From Bolingbroke to “this sort of Writers,” or an Early Burkean Defense of Church and State

Special Feature
Unorthodox Transportation and the Enlightenment
Edited and Introduced by
Jessika Wichner
Special feature introduction
Dorit Engster, The Paddle Wheel Boat: A Technical Invention of Late Antiquity
Frieda Koeninger and Raquel Gutiérrez Estupiñán, Seafaring Nuns: The Journey of Six Capuchin Sisters from Toledo to Mexico City, 1665
Melvin Peña, Cosmopolitan Friendship in Boswell's Journal of a Tour to Corsica
Jessika Wichner, Winter Travelers: Captain Jones's Treatise on Skating

Book Reviews

Alison Saunders: Thomas P. Campbell and Elizabeth A. H. Cleland, eds., Tapestry in the Baroque: New Aspects of Production and Patronage
Claire Cage: Donna J. Bohanan, Fashion Beyond Versailles: Consumption and Design in Seventeenth-Century France
Kirk Combe: R. E. Pritchard, A Passion for Living: John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
Sayantra Ganguli Puckett: Laura Linker, Dangerous Women, Libertine Epicures, and the Rise of Sensibility, 1670-1730
Tania S. Smith: Natasha Gill, Educational Philosophy in the French Enlightenment: From Nature to Second Nature
Trevor Burnard: Sophus A. Reinert, Translating Empire: Emulation and the Origins of Political Economy
Paul D. Cannan: Philip Smallwood, Critical Occasions: Dryden, Pope, Johnson, and the History of Criticism
Leslie Ritchie: Laura Engel, Fashioning Celebrity: Eighteenth-Century British Actresses and Strategies for Image Making
Chloe Wigston Smith: Julie Park, The Self and It: Novel Objects in Enighteenth-Century England
Alfred Lutz: James G. Basker et al, eds., The Adventures of Roderick Random
Michèle Cohen: Jon Mee, Conversable Words: Literature, Contention, and Communuity, 1762 to 1830
Tillman W. Nechtman: David Porter, The Chinese Taste in Eighteenth-Century England
Teresa Barnard: Claudia Thomas Kairoff, Anna Seward and the End of the Eighteenth Century
Doris Y. Kadish: Manuel Barcia, The Great African Slave Revolt of 1825: Cuba and the Fight for Freedom in Matanzas

Cumulative Index, Volume 1 through 20

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20 0-404-64420-1 978-0-404-64420-8 09/2013 $163.50